Another ava request

Could someone make me an ava with johnny chipp and Ceil from melty blood. that would be great!!! thanks
oh and have the name “shin masta lv1” on it. One more thing. Could i get it in a premium size and as a normal size


Out of curiosity didn’t you just request another av like a week or two ago?

Yeah i did… Im changing my name. Thats why im asking for this one. and the name change. Im sorry if that is a problem=(

Well, it takes time and effort to make avatars and there’s a lot less incentive to make avatars if the person wearing the av will simply stop wearing them after a week or so, even if it is for a name change. I honestly don’t see why you can’t simply use the same avatar for your new account. Hell, you could even wait until the holiday season and ask for a name change (if you’re still premium when that time comes).

I never said i was going to be using the ava right here and now lol. Im not changing my name until my premium is up. Which is about another year. it doesnt really matter when i just wanted to know if someone could make it thats all. Im not in a rush.

Hey, I Would Really Appreciate It If Somebody Can Make Me The Exact Same Avator I Had But With A Blue Or Any Other Color Of Magneto Instead.

As A Bonus I Would Also Appreciate It If Somebody Can Make A Dublicate Of Mine Again(doesn’t Matter Which Color Magneto Is) But Instead Of “snapout” Being Shown It Says Aftermath…for The Curiousity Its For A Player Who Finally Decided To Join Srk.

Oh, well that changes things. You probably should have mentioned that earlier. If your premie expires in a year or so then waiting until the end of the year, getting a name change, and then asking for an av would probably be better than playing fuckachunkz. Good luck with your request though. :tup:

haha yeah your right. and thanks!