Announcing Dream Cancel

On Monday, Dream Cancel was officially opened at Dream Cancel | King of Fighters XIII Fan Community.

Dream Cancel was born from a thread on SRK discussing how best to increase the size of the SNK/P scene. The idea behind the site is simple: Provide a place on the web for fans of SNK games to meet and intelligently discuss SNK/P games while placing emphasis on King of Fighters XIII. By encouraging the community to unite behind one title, we can help to solidify and expand the fan base resulting in a larger, better and healthier scene.

The site is made up of a homepage, which hosts news stories as well as an upcoming events section, a how to play section for new players and featured videos; a forum; and a Wiki section, which is in its birthing phase.

One question I’ve seen a lot is “How do I know this won’t become CX or ON?” The answer is that we have a great team of moderators and members who are very much interested in strengthening the scene. The homepage will be updated as often as possible and the stories there will prioritize gameplay.

Looks great. I’ll register sometime soon. Hopefully KOF13 turns out successful enough to keep things going.

hey i’ve signed up a few days ago… but evey time i sign in, i keep being taken to my profile page… and from there when i go to the site… i’m not signed in anymore… i tried to post in the forums but it says that my user name doesn’t exist… help?

i signed up to dc as well, problem is that it takes posts away from here. all that while not adding that much there, and at the same time being a US scene site. whats good for us EU members and others. seems all it did was make another site that i have to visit now just for some info. untill the game comes out that is.

in short, not as much info being posted on here anymore, at the same time not that much info being brought to the new site.

I expected a quiet news cycle for a bit as the game is out and there are very few places in the US to play it. There’s also not much new information to report. As players get time in with it, I expect we’ll see an increase in gameplay mechanics discussion.

The problem I see with SRK is that it pushes all non-Capcom games to the side. How can the SNKP/KoF scene grow when all of the discussion is pushed under a sub-sub menu on a site that doesn’t really care about the games? If a player is interested in Mark of the Wolves, how do they find that info easily on SRK? That’s where Dream Cancel comes in. All SNK, all the time. We’re primarily focusing on KoF XIII but there are forums for most SNK titles.

Its to be expected really, since the vast majority of us don’t have access to 13 so there is very little to discuss unless new vids pop up. SBO may be good for some fun too.

Things will pickup after the console port gets released.

Patience is needed.

i tried to sign up and it ask me to type in the words in the picture. but there are no words to type and you can’t listen to the audio either.

You using Firefox? you might have to press F5 a couple times

I’m working on the issue. It seems to be Firefox specific.

yeah no prob, its just thats its become noticable theres less info coming. not blaming it on the site btw. i just wanna see some new shit and last few days if i go here or there i cant seem to find anything new (yeah i seen the snkp site and trace ash). cfx usually isnt all that active either it seems. game got me hyped, but even withiknternet its hard to find good shit about it.

also cant wait for the arcadia and game mook, cant wait to see whats up.

Just registered~

Get hype!

I made some changes to some code and it appears that the CAPTCHA is fixed and the login errors are gone.

I share your frustration. I’m ridiculously hyped for XIII and as it’s out of reach.

We should be getting the game next month, so hopefully if we do it’d add to the wealth of info/new/vids/hype and general traffic too.

2 words,MORE INFOS!

As a player who never touched kof XII and know something about 98 and 2k2…I would like to know infos…every type of infos so Im gonna make some questions on the characters thread in the DC forum

I hope ppl that are regulars kof13 player in AI can answer those questions

got reg to work. all good in the ally way now! thanks. :smiley:

This site shows a lot of promise. And I foresee it becoming similar to dustloop as the HUB for overall XIII knowledge.
I’m very glad that a good amount of info has been posted for King right in the 2nd post, making it very easy to access.
Sadly I have nothing to contribute, therefore I haven’t registered yet. But I’m actually gonna say a good bulk of XIII’s success will come in the form of this website.

I’ll consider adding this onto my sig to get the word out. But it needs to be known that people need to post there instead of here.

It does but…

Not likely, unless the AI players start taking notes on every character they play as every single time they go to the arcade to play the game and start distributing said collected notes into the character threads the website ( will never reach the “dustloop” level of knowledge in terms of the game they play

While it does look nice and all x-copying notes from another person on a whole different website does not an in-depth guide make, I would really like to see that stuff replaced with notes from the people on the website so it looks more like a community effort rather than just a “I was too lazy to make a guide, so I copypasta’d this one instead”

You play KOF (competitively) don’t you? if so that’s already a step in the right direction, another player is worth 100x more than another scrub

That’s because it’s new and fresh so it’s bound to be less archaic and monotonous and surely won’t suffer the same problems as other big KOF/SNK related websites right? right!?

It should also be noted that we need players instead of people who just like KOF

Being I’ve been to AI plenty of times, from my perspective a lot of those players are just grinders, that just play and play and get very good. Out of the 100’s of players I’ve met at AI, I couldn’t identify more than 3-5 that are on these forums. They might be active on CX or ON, but I wouldn’t know. Other AI regulars on here can probably give you more info on those players, but it’s a 60 mile venture for me.

At this point, I’m just happy to see some basic info posted there (movelists, BnBs, etc)
This will be expanded upon at a later date most likely. Rather than begging for info here, or reading pages and pages backwards looking for so much as a BnB.

Not much can be done at this point in time. We’ll get more freehand thoughts when the game is available on consoles.

Yes I do. But we can’t really get over that yet either. I wouldn’t expect the fanboy scrubs to register for the site and do nothing. I was one in late 2006, and I just browsed the KOF XI thread looking for good info, without contributing myself. Essentially they’ll just lurk. SRK is too lax for non Capcom FG’s. So it’s almost like a free discussion with KOF being the general topic.

Well, I wasn’t active on CX or Orochinaga. So I can’t comment too much on that. I personally don’t know why I wasn’t though when I look back on it.
I’ve already been called out several times for not acknowledging those sites. So I’ll just stay quite on that topic.

Can’t do much there either. It’s like asking a bunch of adolescent kids to grow the fuck up. But in the end, nobody cares.
Do you know how much I’d like to say “Aye Mai fans, have any of you fuckers actually played Mai?” Fanboys and dabblers ruin any and everything (I’m partially active in competitive FPS. Shit is there too, and much worse).

All in all, best of wishes to the site. You’re are trying to tackle probably the 3rd most fragile gaming community on the web right now.