Anime Expo Tourney

So i went to anime expo today and they had a tournament for TvC

To be honest, all but 3 minus me were scrubs. The only person that gave me problems was Souki because apparently his OTG 2C hits low and i kept falling for it. i was playing Batsu/Jun.

Anyways i won first place, my first 1st win in anything :smiley:

To be honest, i really wanted to meet someone exceptionally good there, so either i’ve played it too much or this game isn’t getting enough attention.

Anyone else that was there? Any thoughts on whether this game will actually be played now that theres an american release?

To be honest, I’m just on an emotional high from winning, and want to share my happiness with this great forum for teaching me how to play the game.

Wasn’t there, but might check it out during the weekend if I have a friend to go with. Was the tourney being played on the US version?

No they had japanese Wiis.

Re-reading my post i now notice i said “to be honest” 3 times.

Eh, i won and im going to use my winnings to buy blazblue, so i guess that’s worth being happy about.

I think they have SF4 today (yesterday was full of cammys, no idea why) and guilty gear.

Tomorrow is Halo…

Also they have four sf4 machines, Blazblue/GGCore/MVC2/CVS2/3rd strike, and a shitload of DDR machines.

It isn’t worth the thirty dollars to go one day unless youre meeting friends from out of state or something.

i ran the tournament. i totally scrubbed it up because i still could not get used to push blocking so i just got block string trapped like an idiot and i got all frustrated

i was mad even though it was only the second time i played the game =(

i assumed that the low turnout was because it was a thursday tournament

i actually kinda want to learn it and rematch you just to remove my scrub tag but then that requires more work than it’s worth

You can fight me…

damn you thad

don’t tempt me to get a ps2/gc converter just so i can play on stick and play this game

I only gain from such an action.

could people just walk into the tournament paying only the tournament $5 fee?

Hmm, I didn’t know they had another tourney Sat.

Anyhow, I’m willing to play you Sunday/Today in TvC. I’m heading back to AX today to spend a majority of the time playing there.

Sounds like that shit was free.

They ran ANOTHER tournament? I won the first tournament that was on Thursday, June 1. Along with me, Razyrbyrn and Jint were in the same tournament that had a total of 17 entrants (only second to the total number of entrants at Devastation… not bad).

Semi-finals were me vs. Rayzyrbyrn (RoyalFlush won 2-0), and Jint vs. Jesse the Tekkamen player (Jesse won 2-1 [I think]).

I faced Jesse the Tekkamen player who played on pad; RoyalFlush won 3-1. Rayzyrbyrn played Jint for 3rd place; Rayzyrbyrn won.

Cfalcon, you came on the wrong day!

You guys realize this thread was from 09 right? lol

LOLZ. I didn’t see that date! Oh well. Now you know!

wow, now I feel dumb. Dang thread resurrections.

Who revived this shit!!!