Anime Boston 2006: "Tournament" Report+story

Alright, I put this in Fighting game discussion cause a) This was my first “tournament” and b) I was mainly in the 24 hour gaming room to begin with

And also, I know people hear don’t like reading long posts, so I’m going to divide it up by the 3 days it happened.

With that being said, here we go
Day 1

Anime Boston…where nerds and all kinds of geeks meet up in a massive gathering from all over to be as nerdy as they wanna be…well, needless to say, when I got off the train, I already caught notice of a couple cosplayers, including Vash the stampede and the entire cast of Inuyasha, but I didn’t pay much attention to alot of them. I walked over to the convention, and after having to wait in line for what seemed like half an hour (which including somebody having a mild seisure), I was finally registered and ready to play some games. I had registered for Kof 98 (which was 99 dream match for dreamcast), Tekken 5, 3rd strike, and GGXX Slash. When I walked into the game room, there were a bunch of games I haven’t seen in years; they even had DUCK HUNT and Nights into dreams, amoungst others. I was pretty happy, but I didn’t even know what to play first. Before the tournament, you had to register what character you had to use before hand, which I thought was stupid at first, but when I thought about it, it did prevent “counter character” usage.
I decided to play Tekken 5, and brush up on my paul, which is who I registered with. The comp was decent, but my paul wasn’t doing so well. So I decided to try out my Marduk, which is my other main character and…I went on a 32 game win streak. I would’ve went longer, but when they finally hooked up GGXX slash, I quit and went to try that out. The biggest mistake I made was not researching the differences they made with the characters in slash, as I was registered with Dizzy, and the only difference I noticed was that they slightly changed how the angle her dp+s move can be used, but I didn’t notice any other immediate changes. A few short notes
-In Boston, Testament and Baiken are mostly overused
-My grab timing is NICE…
-…but I think I might grab too much(sometimes 10x a match)

It was nice to see roman canceling/false roman canceling put to such good use in that game, as I’m still working on how to use it with dizzy (I’ve only been playing for 3 months), it was some nice compitition in that game, my longest streak only being 4-5. I was surprised I didn’t see alot of Sol, but I wasn’t complaining:lovin:

I got bored, so I left, and decided to switch my registered character in Tekken 5 to Marduk, mainly because of the streak and it seemed like my juggles were more on point with him anyway. Then I saw some cats playing 3s, and you know I had to get on it. I started working on Ken, which is who I registered with. Now that I think about it, I dunno why I registered with Ken, cause I stopped playing aggro, and starting playing alot safer and turtling more. Needless to say, the only person who was beating me was this Remy player, who at the time, I didn’t know was WorthlessScrub from here on SRK, but I found out soon after. He’s a cool guy. But anyway, he was beating me at first, so I decided to whip out the game I REALLY came there to play: CvS2, which I proceeded to beat just about everybody in, playing C Vega(Claw)/Sakura/Sagat. I’m soooo good at CvS2 now, which was a shame, because they decided not to have a tourney in it…Another thing, there was some random A-groove user who was claiming to be “one of the best in the East Coast”, who I was owning all day. He used A Terry/Ken or Eagle/M. Bison (dictator), and he was using sooo many random CC activations, and messing up soo much. That was kinda funny. LOL at W.Scrub with the ban Sagat jokes. Sagat wins games. period

Luckily, I was getting bored when the Kof tourney started. I got paired against a Mai user, and I was using Terry (they made it single matches to save time, pretty stupid) The first round I almost perfected him, and the second round he beat me straight up, but when third round came, I started getting REAL nervous, heart started beating fast and everything. I started turtling and fell for some SLOW overheads and lost in the first round. It also didn’t help finding out that the rising tackle in that game is a dp motion.

I needed to calm down, I was angry as hell, as I should’ve did alot better, so I went back to CvS2, and after another long streak, I was cool, just in time for the 3s tournament. I switched my character to Chun-li, as she was more accustomed to my style. I got paired off against a remy (there were 3 remy in the tourney), same story as the KoF tourney, owned first round, beat 2nd round, third the heartrate came back. Which was funny, cause he BARELY won; He did the sweep motion, and I parried the 2nd hit, did the SAII+follow-up, and he did the flashkick super as he landed for chip dmg; if I was on my Ps and Q’s, I would’ve parried the whole thing and won, as I’ve been practicing parrying supers for a LONG time, and I was expecting it, but I got scared or sumthin.
2 tournies getting peaced out in the first round, and I was aggrivated after that, but I love 3s, so I stuck around for the tourney. I remember one particular match. There was one guy I expected to win; he went by the name “sora” he was an asian kid from Georgia, he was super aggressive with Ken, but he got peaced out by another asain kid. Looked like he was 17, and I don’t remember if he was using hugo or Ken, but he really took out Sora relatively easily. I was like “who is this kid?”, who later on was the first to beat me in CvS2 AND BEASTED me in MvC2…at this point, in MvC2, I HAD to find out who he was…it was none other than Pryde.
Pryde is a BEAST!!!
He left, tho, and I spent the rest of the day playing 3s, CvS2, MvSF, GGXX slash, and Tekken 5, preparing for tommorow’s tournament. Congrats to WorthlessScrub for winning the 3s tourney: It was Remy vs Remy in the finals. Who knew? Apparently, I’m one of the only ones who knows how to parry there, but it didn’t matter, because I lost anyway. Sorry for the long post, Day 2 will come up, maybe later.Till then…


P.S I forgot to add some random notes
-People need to understand that zoning and footsies,as well as move priority are alot more important than combos. I saw plently of nice combos, just not on me, with the exception of Pryde, who has a nice Yamizaki and understands this fact.
-alot of male nerds like to wear skirts…
-There was a christie cosplayer there, she had nice titties, W.Scrub if you read this PLEASE tell me you got a picture. If so, post it
-I really need to get some more tournament experience; I have the passion to get better, and I’m willing to play anybody in Mass who wants to play me
-Either I’m a very large man, or Pryde is a very tiny man…I’ll go for c) all of the above lol kidding
-and finally, I have a newfound respect for the high level tournament players now, being able to do what they do with so much pressure on them; it’s alot different from being onstage, because it’s a more you or them situation. I’m surprised they had it in Japanese format (single elimination), which was bad for my first tourney, but a good learning experience. No excuses, a loss is a loss, and I can only improve and deal with the pressure

Neither of which are good reasons for why this isn’t in Tournament Results. So since you couldn’t justify it being here, it will be put there.

there are no actual results man…

Did it have to do with a tourney, no matter how small?

I think logs should go in FGD, like some of the Evo ones. The guys is talking about his personal experiences, and not so much about the tourneys (thus no results). Just my 2 cents. Please keep them in mind. Tournament results will be a cleaner section without logs and lies about how Bagnus beat Wong in a non tourney setting, and FGD can make good use of that stuff.

Once again, what is the purpose of FGD? FGD is NOT GD for games, it’s about news and info on fighting games, strats and the like for current and past fighting games. FGD has NOTHING to do with the outcome of tournaments(which is what Tourney Results is for). OR what an individual’s view of that tourney was(which is another facet of tourney results). If you really want to get anal, that sort of stuff has a better home in the regional areas, since that’s where community discussion belongs. As you’ve also noticed, EVO logs have been moved out of FGD because no one really cares what random face in the crowd #322574 thought of the event(which is what has happened the past 3 years, right after EVO everyone and their mother had an EVO log to post, most of which had nothing to do with anything and were more about how they drank heavily some nights and can’t remember all the casual they did or other BS) outside of the people they already shared the moment with, something that also is shared in community discussion…:confused: Starting to see my point?

But maybe I’m wrong. If I am, then get one of the supermods to move this thread to where it belongs.

i should went to that shit i would have got free money.

There was no money given as prizes. Ha.

Did you see the white guy wearing nothing but a pair of underwear?

Remy - Remy finals?!?!

Only at an anime con. :rolleyes: heh heh

Of course I may be wrong too, but thats another reason for me to share my impressions.

I don’t know. I like logs (mainly the good ones) at FGD. I see them as personal impressions and perceptions, although technically they may be related to tourney results as well.

I like this section cleaner, so I cans ee only the results when I check the section out. And I like all that is related to FGD (even not directly) at that section, because is the section that I check out more often. I think this may be true to most members. Maybe not though.

In this specific case, I don’t think there was a compelling reason to the change and, in doubt, I’d let it be. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for all the hard work.

tourny? what tourny? this is a fucking ANIME convention you monkey much like AX! hell, they have competition to a certain extent at AX however, to be naming it a tournamnet would be pathetic. AX gives small prizes and that’s about it no “big cheese” prizes , more like " free raijin comics for a yr" or some half assed otaku gift. besides, doing this is stupid and no one is Really going to enjoy the con for this reason, they’re there to hook up and live out there “anime dreams of meeting that perfect girl who admires otakus” trust me, I’ve been doing that shit for 8 yrs at AX and nothing but DDR comps at most. Whooppee Doo!