Animated Forum Signature I made

This is what happens when I get bored on a summer night at 3 AM hopped on caffeine.
I used flash CS4 to make this and i’m not too happy about the .GIF publishing quality on it. (ie. Transparency is fucked up and the colour is degraded)

A few people from last year might recognize this since I made a couple other versions before this one.

:wow: WTF! That is amazing. Very good job. The only time I have felt that we should allow sig pix. I love the concept and the way that it follows. Nice composition. :tup:

EDIT: by any chance, do you make avatars as well?

Plus, I am a strong proponent of the way you spell your country’s name. :tup:

that looks pretty cool. too bad we can’t have sigs like that here

Very nice although I think that initial frame in the beginning should be transparent.
Also 2Mbs is pretty big for a forum sig.

Otherwise very good.

That looks really bad ass! I’m taking flash next quarter and this has got me amped up even more.

lol you think 2MB is big?
If I publish as a transparent picture it would be 7MB!!!

A bit overdone, maybe?

Looks cool, though.

nice work, but 2MB is waaay huge for a sig.
btw, moved to IMM.

Fuckin nice! :lovin: well done man… soooo how long before you take requests?? :rofl:

:encore: That is one fine piece of animation. May we have some more.

Very, very badass animated sig, it’s really good. I don’t know what being hopped up caffeine did, but you need to be hopped up on it more if you make something like this from it.