Animate my avatar!

Can someone please animate my avatar with the pictures already in it? or change it up with a mix of animated pictures of blanka, yama, sagat, pinhead (optional but would be cool), k-groove bar. Dark/Evil mood would be nice. Any help is appreciated.


I’ll pay 12.00 via paypal for a dope ass unique one.

make it twelve…seriously…

Edit to 12.00 dollars.

bet. can you paypal it to mr. wiz? i’ll use that for premium membership.

oh, it’ll be unique…

at least you have an avatar

aye, kid, ya botherin’ me. scram. naw just playin’. make a request thread, nooblette. maybe someone will make you one. maybe.

:confused: And what does this have to do with him making a request… dood?

^^^ make him one, dood!

:wasted: I can’t right now. I have about 3 more request I have to finish, one big animated Av/Siggy for someone on another forum and I’m finishing up my “how to rip GIFs from a DVD” tutorial that I’m going to post here maybe tomorrow… dood.

damn thats a full time job, lol.

Details for the avatar sent. Hope you can pull it off. If not then just get the closet you can to my request.



All I have is this stupid avatar that says I won an award for being the best avatar maker.

I wish I knew where to get another one.


Fuckachunkz 2k7 guys?

Buy one. I had to…


well, if this wasn’t worth the time, money, or effort…then i geuss i should i throw myself down some stairs…

wish i could’ve done more…

sickness. Thanks man. well worth the 12 bucks.

Could you change the color scheme of the second picture of pinhead and morrissey to gray instead of red. Then make the keystone text bigger and yellow? Thanks


glad you like it man. enjoy.

If you could change it up just a tiny bit more.


wow, ninja edit.

uh, ok. i gotta go to work though…i’ll make the changes tomorrow.