Animal Crossing: City Folk thread

I just got the game, and I need some friendcodes on my list so I can have somebody to play with. Anybody playing at the moment?

Just rented it, but I plan on buying it soon. I’ll post my shiet tomorrow since I don’t have access to my wii at the moment.

bought it when it first came out but haven’t touched it…finals week and what not I don’t want that game to suck away what’s left of my soul.

Oh, man. I’m definitely down when I get home tonight. Anyone need some peaches?

Ok, My Wii address code from the menu is:
1141 2452 0102 6840

And the friend code I got from Copper is:
1676 7414 3884

I’m not sure what the deal is with how to add them though. I’ll have to look at it tonight.

For FCs in AC:CF, you use the code that Copper gives you, along with your name and name of town

My info is:

FC: 0044-6517-6164
Name: Hal
Town name: We poor

Oh, ok. Cool, thanks.
So it’s more like this:

FC: 1676 7414 3884
Name: Norm
Town Name: J-Ville

Got you entered, let me know when you get on

It’ll be later tonight. Do you have to both be logged on at the same time to visit cities?

Code is 0860-6971-8266

Name is Raymond

Town is Tempe (real original)

I know this sounds dumb, but where do I put in the friend codes?

Ah, nevermind. I figured it out. I made it home way too late… but I got you guys entered in.

I effing love this game. Will post friend code soon!

If people still play, I’ll get into the game.

I have the game but I have no idea wtf I’m supposed to do.

That’s pretty much the point. That is, there is none. It’s just your big ass headed avatar running doing inane stuff, possibly with other big headed people or animals.

I’m too scared to start this game because it punishes you for walking on your grass :arazz: Unless you like having a desert for a town.

It doesn’t really punish you… That’s only if you walk on flowers, you’ll ruin them.

Such a very amazing link!

i play animal crossing. anyone willing to come into my world ? :wink:

I really don’t know how to do this. Hope you keep it new forever

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