Angry Reactions at WCG official page

Even posts unrelated to the incident were also bombed with Angry reactions on Facebook. The reaction bomb affected posts such as event photos, event highlights, and greetings for exigo (Hungary) and JuicyJ (USA) who were the Grand Winners of Hearthstone and Clash Royale respectively.

WCG released an explanation on their website regarding the incident. They explained that, in case of a tie between/among teams in the standings, the head-to-head rules shall apply. In this case, Black Dragons lost to ALL GAMERS in an earlier match which gave ALL GAMERS an advantage in the standings based on the rules.

The head-to-head rules were also applied to the other tied teams resulting in Golden V (Germany) and Pacific Macta (Philippines) qualifying for the semi-finals; eliminating Black Dragons and Carbon (USA) from the five tied teams.The Facebook page of the World Cyber Games, the biggest gaming festival in the world, has been bombed with Angry reactions following WCG’s decision regarding the teams qualified for the CrossFire semi-finals on July 19, 2019 (Friday).

The incident started when the Brazilian CrossFire team Black Dragons was replaced by the Chinese CrossFire team ALL GAMERS as a qualifier in the WCG 2019 CrossFire semi-finals. Despite the two CrossFire teams being tied with three other teams in the standings, WCG initially reported that ALL GAMERS was qualified for the semi-finals due to the tournament’s rules.

The incident sparked rage on Twitter with the hashtag #ShameOnWCG which became trending worldwide. This also resulted in the bombing of all posts on the WCG Facebook page with Angry reactions and comments such as “HONOR YOUR RULES” and “Beyond the Rules”.

The Championship Match for CrossFire has recently concluded with SUPER VALIANT (China) winning the Gold Medal. They are followed by ALL GAMERS (China) and Golden V (Germany) winning Silver and Bronze respectively on July 20, 2019 (Saturday).