Android 21 Thread - Another Delightful Hunt!

Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you’d like adding to the OP comes up!

As you all know, Android 21 doesn’t have a hard knockdown and Absorb throws characters out of the corner unless you spend 1 bar, Here are some ways to end combos that can’t kill and continue your momentum/pressure.

Meterless(No Absorb gained):
214M > Instant airdash j.H
This covers UpTech/BackTech. If your opponent does not block the Instant airdash j.H you can convert from that with; j.H > Land > j.L into whatever you want

1 Bar (1 Absorb gain)
Absorb(air) > Vanish > DragonRush(air)(Snapback)
214M+Assist > Absorb(ground) > Vanish > DragonRush(ground) > Snapback or Instant Airdash j.H to continue pressure

2 Absorb version + Assist/Super
Absorb(air) > Vanish > AirDash under the character > Absorb~Assist or Super if you can kill
This one nets you 2 skill and throws them into the corner, but you’ll need an assist if you want to continue pressure

I haven’t test what she can do in this situation which each Absorb Skills yet, but here’s what I discovered day 1 with a grounded Sticky Energy Blast against someone attempting to UpBack

SEB’s grounded version can cover Standing and UpBacking, but it’s takes away your 2H/Ground Bounce properties and in order to convert from this you’ll need to use your Spark.

heres my android 21 trilogy of vids:

I was watching someone stream (can’t remember who since I was hella tired and it was early in morning) and apparently Beerus doesn’t get a hardknock after tagging out Andriod 21 mid combo. However using the same combo route will net him a hard knockdown when tagging out for example Android 18. I haven’t gotten a chance to this myself but it may be related to 21’s j.H. Or it’s just a Beerus thing.

I hate her stubby jL so much. forces me to go for jM, dj, dM rather than my usual bnb with other chars. tbh I completely omitted going for steal stuff. does anyone incorperate this in his gameplay?

my bnbs if anyone is interested

bnb 1: 2L, 2L, 2M, 5M, JC, JM, JL, JL, 2H, SD, JL, JM, 2H, JC, JL, JL, S, QCBM ~ super

bnb 2: 2M, 5M, JC, JM, JC, JM, 2H, SD, JL, JM, QCBM ~ super. not if there is a better combo to go for if you hit 2M at mid distance

any use for solar flare?? that shit look totaly useless

It’s basically a quick poke that cost resources to follow up after you confirm it hit. And there’s a huge amount of time the character remains stunned making it very easy to identify hit confirms and convert off them. It’s also fast enough to catch upbackers and beat a lot of shit. I do wonder if her version can trade with attacks like Krillin solar flare. But that’s very situational.

Man… I haven’t posted on SRK in the longest time T_T

From what I can tell, it’s a way to end pressure strings so that you can mash heavies and stuff and cancel into Solar Flare and be safe afterwords. It also builds a lot of meter (almost 1 bubble if it hits and half that if it’s blocked) and can 1-button cancel into whatever else on hit.

What assists are people using with 21? I have Black on my team but I don’t really want to depend on another beam or Vegeta ('cause he’s everywhere).

I’m just learning her solo combos, atm. She’s mid for me and her teammates - Beerus and Majin Buu - don’t really have great assists for her from what I can currently tell. Maybe Buu can be mixed in at some point.

But that’s a perfect segue to my question! Are any of the absorbed specials from Connoisseur Cut worth caring about to mix into combos? I’m still mixing in Cut as an ender for damage, but should I actually care about the absorbed powers - in a combo or otherwise - or just ignore them, besides Barrier from green?

I still need to watch those vids from Evil Canadian. =) :s

Her corner carry is so good – the only times I care to even do the absorbs are when I consciously want to improve my positioning away from a corner. Doesn’t the 214M finisher add more damage than Absorb?

Ground absorb to take Beam is pretty sweet for block-string enders and zoning; Alien Orb is also great for something like Power Stone offense; Teleport is sweet for gimmicks… I dunno. Absorb outside of combos are pretty fun =)

Trying out a new team 21/Ginyu/Tien after watching Chris G play Krillin/Ginyu/Tien. Also trying to get off the Vegeta crutch even though I like using him outside of his assist. Lots of synergy for combo extensions with this team, as both Tien and 21 assists can extend combos midscreen easily and Ginyu assist can work midscreen but much easier in the corner.

I still really hate 21’s st. L/j. L. One of the shittiest normals in the game.

Tried something with the absorb move

does anyone have a optimized combo with Black Goku assist? my version is inconsistent and I am not sure when to exactly call the assist.

well the easy answer for her with any assist is this

call when you are doing the knee drop in the air. You might have to alternate a frame or 3 or whatever depending on the character but that’s the long and short of it.

Use her with a single hit(tien/hit/etc) assist and one of the gokus beams you can get like 6.4 or 6.5k for 1 bar.

assist 1 to repop
bnb again
dragon rush
qcf+L, super

easy peasy massive damage.

still no access to my original account so

Not sure if there is a way to follow it up, but bardock assist is fast enough to combo after a ground command grab.