And What is the deal with Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

Marvel vs. Capcom…what is this, a supreme court case?

Anyway the other day i’m playing online against someone who’s team consisted of felicia, son-son, and sabertooth. This man must have a serious commitment to furries…not that theres anything wrong with that. But what is the deal with furries? I mean how does one become a furry? Do you just randomly wake up one morning and decide it would be sexy if your cat had human breasts?..or is there a gradual decent into furdom? Are catgirls (the human girls with cat ears and tail but no fur) like the gateway to becoming a furry?

And what is the deal with cable? Can’t he travel back in time? Who needs these “air hyper viper beams” you would just travel back in time and cock block all of your opponents fathers, you know, prevent them from being born in the first place.

Best thing I’ve seen in a while.

These pretzels are making me thirsty!

moar sabotage, amirite?


all my fives good sir

This is the best thread


repped, lol