And they all laughed at me

when I said RC Genko was good. Ok, so nobody laughed and I shouldn’t put stock in comments of random SRK’ers, but still…
You guys seen the survivor series Kim put up?

A ton of Iyo matches, very enjoyable stuff to watch if you’re a Maki player. I’m still surprised when Iyo lands c.lp and doesn’t combo into super when he has meter. I can’t figure out if he’s missing it or what.

Anywho, check out the very first match on that page vs Mizutero. vs Blanka and Sagat Iyo used RC Genko a few times to good effect. If you ask me it’s especially good against those two and other characters that ‘should’ be able to handle you with their normals.

So basically what I’m saying is:
If Iyo does it, it must be Top Tier. Iyo is Top Tier so by extension his techniques are Top Tier. The logic is flawless!

…Any forward moving RC, when done to go through something else someone else does, is by definition good. Getting used to the timing as to when to execute that particular RC, and the spacing for it (to get that RC twitch zone thing into effect) is what makes or breaks it.

…Who told you it was bad?

I could check but I don’t care enough to. After I wrote my Maki guide (linked in my sig) someone replied and said RC Genko was a terrible idea. Point is, I was bored and wanted to make a post in Maki forum.