Analog Stick Problem with PS2 Pads

Hey guys. I’m a 3rd Strike player. I’ve always played pad. I recently gave stick a try, and wasn’t a fan of it at all, though I may try again in the future.

For now, I mostly play 3rd Strike: Online Edition on my Xbox360. Therein lies the problem: the Xbox pads are pieces of shit. I bought a [S]Joytech [/S]Etokki PS2 adapter for my 360, and it works amazingly. I had a few good months of online 3s.

There has always been a small problem with PS2 pads in my experience, though. After a while, the analog sticks start to “tilt” / “stick” in one direction. Anyone that plays shooting games has had this happen. After a while your character will slowly walk to a certain direction, or your aim will continue to go one way long after you’ve released the analog stick. I use the D-Pad for directionals in fighters, though, and still always have the problem of my PS2 pad analogs “sticking” upwards. In the middle of a match, I will start neutral jumping over and over. The only way to fix it is to unplug the controller and re-plug after. I would have that problem once every few months when playing 3s on PS2. It was bearable, but annoying.

Now, with my adapter, it happens multiple times per playing session. Perhaps the adapter has made the analog inputs more sensitive? idk. Either way, it’s impossible to win a round while endlessly neutral jumping.

I bought 2 new controllers and had the same analog problems after maybe an hour of play (each). It’s really killing my love for fighters when I can’t play them properly!

What can I do about this jumping issue? Is there a way to open up the controller and maybe cut the wires that make the analog stick work? Should I take the analogs out all-together (I tried that and messed up the re-assembly, everything seemed to be in right but the controller didn’t function)?

Note: The ANALOG button in the center of the controller is used to open the XBOX Guide, and doesn’t function normally while being used with the Joytech Adapter.

There may be a way to recalibrate the analog sticks.

Worth a try.

I say try to get an Etokki converter.

Thanks dude, but that thread is only about 360 controllers. My problem is with a PS2 pad.

I don’t think the converter is the problem, but I could always give it a shot. You’ve heard good things about etokki?

Thats what Wolfkrone uses and usually is the go to converter for all PS1/2 sticks/pads.

The etokki is the preferred choice for converters. Can’t g wrong with something made by someone from the community (Laugh).

Have you tried purely digital pads (aka Playstation1 non dualshock) with your converter ? Worth a try before quitting fighting games.

Ahh, that’s pretty sweet. I’ll definitely have to check that out.

That’s actually a real interesting idea lol. I’ll have to check around the house to see if I have any laying around.

Silly me! I just checked Etokki’s site and realized that my adapter was, in fact, an Etokki 360 converter. Sorry to mislead you guys lol, my mistake.

Not sure what to do about my issue now, though. I still believe it’s more of a controller problem than a converter problem.

You could replace the pots in the pad with fixed resistors, but I doubt that they’re the issue.

Have you tried it on a ps2 and get the same results? Or tried it on a pc?
Check if it indeed does it and how often?

I haven’t checked unfortunately. I’ll have to do that and get back to you. Thanks.

My friend has played on it the passed few days with a different controller… no mention of analog problems.