An Avatar Challenge!


I’m in desperate need of a new avatar. As much as I love Megatron, I just gotta get something new.

Something refreshing…
Something that grabs your attention…
Something that defines SMB…
Something with breasts…

Like this!!!

This guys, is Sayako from Slut Girl and I’d like to have this image in the avatar, breasts and all. For the person provides the best avatar, I’ll give you an item. Free of charge, no shipping and I’ll try to make it worth your time.

Any takers? I have no time restrictions. Make it as flashy as you want… just make it ME.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

An item?

Tell me where to get all the damn doji’s, I lost them a while back :frowning:

Make me a kick ass avatar and I’ll e-mail you every page to the US version - all six issues.

Come on… an avatar in trade for one of the single best hentai’s ever published. :sweat:

Tiger: yes, an item. I’m not sure quite just what yet but it’ll be something good (I hope).

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Images will continue to serve.

The Photobucket Team’

crap! ;_;

Those Dojis Are Mine Psycho >:|!!!

my entry:

See Adam Epstein

Nothing is more “you” than newlywed jealousy. Am I right?


It’s only an hour. It should be available by now (hopes).

Quiche: that’s great! but I gotta see what else the others can create first. thanks. :slight_smile:

It has to be in non prem size though, no?


achan’s ass pwns all.:rofl:

fuck dat. I’ll buy him prem if he wants to wear mine.


But I want those doji’s.


you gotta work for 'em, then

I have no idea what kind of items SMB is offering, but I know I want one.


Boo! Hiss! Don’t make me break out the A-chan GGXX destroyed av!

lol. what do you think I stole a-chan’s ass from?


yes. I don’t have a prem. membership so normal is fine.


This thread makes me smile.

Ha Poison a wierd thing.

Doesn’t it though? It’s amazing the things you guys can do with my womans ass. :rofl: