Amidst all this confusion, I bought 2 Arcade in a Box custom joysticks

First one was the True Arcade for the Xbox360/PC and second one was the PSX/PS2 True Arcade. After reading thru the controller/adapter thread, I’m thinking it was a mistake for getting the X360 version and am thinking about getting a refund. If possible at all, payment went trhu but shipping of the product hasn’t been done yet.

Question is, will the PSX/PS2 True Arcade last me forever just as the controller adapters thread seem to suggest since there’s so many of them?

Or maybe I should keep the Xbox 360 version for future proofing or whatever?

Oh wait nevermind, didn’t read thoroughly, seems to have no good adapter from PSX/PS2 > Xbox 360.

EDIT: Another question. Will my True Arcade PSX/PS2 Custom Joystick work with any controller pad converter specifically to my Xbox 1 system? Just wanna make sure.

If you wanna play 360, you pretty much need a 360 stick.

There are converters from Ps1-> xbox1 that work lag free.

The 360 stick can also be used on MAME, Kaillerra (sp?) and any windows based game.

I got your email, but figured I would answer you here. Since I can’t test every single converter it’s hard for me to say if it will work. I do test it on:
Cheap brand ps2-usb for pc adapter
Joybox ps2-xbox adapter
Since I use psx pads to make sure they are compatible with the original playstation, I test it on a ps2 as well. As soon as I can find a good ps2 to ps3 adapter I will get one. I’m just paying a crazy price for the pelican.

Hope that answers your question. I wish I could be more specific. I make the sticks to make sure they work on the hardware they are built for. It’s a bonus if they work with an adapter, but so far I haven’t run into an issue.

you cant make a mistake buying an arcade in a box … plug plug

Sorry to bother you again Ed

Got another question, speaking of the PSX/PS2 True Arcade custom controller I ordered.

Do you know what PCB’s you used on this controller? There’s this particular accessory I want to buy for my Xbox, a PS2 > Xbox controller adapter converter. Since this is made for the PS1/PS2, natuarally you’d/I’d think the board is a Sony PCB and I hope that is right.

I got other options though so if the answer is not what I want, I’ll just get something else to compliment the custom joystick.