America can't do fighting games like Japan

So this is something that really boils my blood about america. So here is the deal. In japan there is a arcade called taito station. This arcade not only has fighting games but also a player base. Not only does this arcade have fighting games, a thrieving player base as well as a multiple set up’s and a battle point’s system. But it actually look’s like a great arcade. Now in america there is literally no arcade’s everybody play’s on console. If you go to super arcade or anywhere it’s like this. The arcades come second to consoles. Yes there is a thrieving console player base but there is no battle points system on console and it’s just not as good as a legit japanese arcade. Now there is arcades in america don’t get me wrong you can go to round 1 which there are multiple round 1 arcades but the problem is that the economy sucks so bad that they wanna charge people a dollar per games for something that shouldn’t be over 50 cent’s. I mean come on that dollar per game add’s the fuck up. And you know how you know it sucks? Because there is no player base in those arcades. If you go to round 1 on any given day there is maybe one of 0 or 1 person there to play and that’s how you know it’s not a success. Now if you were to go into a legit japanese in japan like taito station there will be at least 10 people to play any time you go in there. SO mike watson and all the other players I understand you wanted to set up super arcade and see it be successful. I wanted to see super arcade be successfull but you can’t do it on console. It won’t work. Now of course we get the annual evo tourney but who the fuck want’s to drive 6 hours post up in a hotel and all this shit for 2 day’s of fighting games. So fuck you america that’s all I have to say.

All im hearing is a bunch of fucking whining.
Move to Japan then.

Ya i’m pretty sure foreigner’s aren’t welcome in japan like the japanese. See japan is smart unlike america were our government lets all these fucking gay immigrants in and tries to pass them off as american’s even though we know the only american’s are white.