Amazon Lightning Deal - Fight Stick?

Today is Cyber Monday (yes) at Amazon and one of the Lightning Deals has the following hint: Fighting games on the PC, here I come! The only thing that is useful for multiple fighting games is a fight stick, but the PC part doesn’t really fit as there are no fight sticks specifically for the PC on Amazon.

Anyway, it might be a good deal, it might be sth. different. Whatever it is, the deal starts at exactly 2:00 PM PST or in about 9:30 hours from the time of this post.

Possibly the X-Arcades? Their pages don’t specify a console.

Just to be an ass, my bet is it’s the Mad Catz controller for $20. Please post back if it ends up being something worthwhile.

It’s PC Street Fighter IV with a 360 pad for $40. I almost had it.

Not too much of a lightning deal, IMO. T6 bundle was a way better value.

Only 55% claimed. There is a chance that the T6 bundle is a Lightning Deal again today as one of the hints read: Limited Edition bundle in latest installation of a classic series. That’s at 3:00 PM PST at the same link.

It is the T6 PS3 bundle for $59.98 but only about 20% or 30 minutes left. Link in first post.

I was there at 85% Claimed.
Then I fiddled around to make sure I have it for $59.98 price.

Popped 93%, then 95%, then 97%.
Then 100% Claimed. :sad:

I kept adding to Cart, and deleting.