Amazing opponents you've run accross on XBox Live

Hey, I’m sorta unknown here which suits me fine, but I just wanted to set up a thread to see if you guys wanted to list the great opponents you’ve run accross XBox Live in ranked and player matches. They could be people you’ve beaten, people who’s matches you have seen, and people you someday hope to win against. They could be your life’s bane enemies, inspirational players or just people you have to admit got you good–teabagging et al. The reason I chose only Xbox Live is so I can try my hand with these people too! or at least be afraid haha. eh…

But yeah I realize there’s a “good game” thread too, I just feel kinda haughty posting on there like I’m the shite (which I am not :sweat:). So this thread is more for everyone at any skill level to say what players blow their mind. That said, please rattle them off, hit list style! And if they’re hot with a specific character like say…one of the Wolverines or Iron Man, be sure to let folks know.

note: this ain’t a suck up thread. it’s more of a “players to watch and why” thread so I’d say list people that are good at what they do, even if you don’t get along too well with them.

I’ll just get this ball rolling myself, and hopefully I can edit this reply at will since the players we come across’ll change from time to time. Awright here goes:

MVC2 Junkie - Never beat this guy but I get so close… if anyone has played him then they know the reason why. He did a sentinel combo on me that’d bring a tear to your eye. wasn’t an infinite but it was close.

BEATSofD - Got VERY CLOSE to winning with my aggressive style but he pwned my whole team with the Anakaris he had left.

Vidness - you can tell he knows his characters. same situation with BEATSofD but it was his hulk. took full advantage of that super armor.

Arcadesticks - his twitch reflexes are pretty great in that he can adjust easily if the situation changes. great sentinel.

Utility Man - saw some of his matches on youtube and I hope we can make that happen.

SelfMadeG908 - his strider always gets a cut off on me. always. he’s hella funny too but bring yr a game and no whinin’.

observedego - sometimes he shows up like racer x to defeat me and leave. so basically it’s a villain cameo every time.

Romneto - BrettH123 - his charlie skills are on point and that’s one of my favorite characters.

MAKING DEM QUIT - love that dude’s gamertag and he just can’t be underestimated.

I want to add some more but I gotta make sure of spellings. better get on the road home for now.

thejohnsonrock! Ha!

Bison/Charlie player here. 'Sup rock?

mannn bison and charlie together is heaven. haha and hmmm, something tells me i came across you via a match or two. what’s yr xbl tag man?

Cool Topic!

I have played Beats and I wholeheartedly cosign on how good he is only ever beat him once in like 40 matches. The others I have not had the fortune (or misfortune) to have been beaten down by mostly because I do not play much ranked or public rooms.

I love Marvel because once you feel you are untouchable, that’s when some random dude comes in and serves you a slice of humble pie. As a competition junkie I LOVE IT.

Also we have never played together but I basically stole any good moves/teams from Madtitan’s low tier walkthroughs and random VDO videos of Ken. Those guys get mad props from me as well. I am a good at mimicking my opponents but am horrible at creating my own tricks. Without those guys I would still be whoring iceman lol.

What are you talking about? That guy is a ragequitting scrub. I think he’s gotten one lucky win off me ever, off a cold tag into DHC of Death (with Online WTF Just Happened Assist). I think he’s 1-29 lifetime against me. Ragequitting often means you’re too stupid to learn anything from the match. shrug

Is this guy good? His antisocial gamertag is weird to me. I don’t recall him being very good.

But yeah, wrong forum and the thread you want already exists. =\

Yeah, this guy is straight garbage. He ragequits on me every time.

@mkeller73 thanks for real, and yeah i’m def a competition junkie too. we gotta go at it sometime! i’m usually mining ranked despite several ragequitters and hatemailers but i’ll be sure to drop you a friend request so we can just hook the heck up and spar haha.

@preppy i hear you on ragequiting for sure. i used to play this in the arcade so i know the value of 50¢ and not giving up. i’ve never quit early except if someone quits on me continuously (i’ll usually back out at character select). but yeah arcadesticks never ragequit on me…not that he had to much. know you don’t need my life story, but i only fight with low tier so far. bison, charlie, marrow, sonson, tron bonne, sabertooth and maybe jin. i don’t assist too much until i can make them gel with my point’s attacks flawlessly. so versus people that play top tier with lots of AA like arcadesticks, i get the most challenge. i’ll still man up and rush sentinel down with bison though ¯M¯ mr. nothinlefttolose haha. as far as makin dem quit, the reason that i listed him here is that he CONTINOUSLY IMPROVES each time i fight him, win or lose, just like i’m trying to. dunno if he likes me. dunno if he hates me.

there is also a set list of people that are so good they go without saying i.e. mixup, charlie goblyn, j360 and onward, but this is just a running list of people who i’ve fought recently, who i’ve never gotten a win from, or who have helped me to see the flaws in my game by the way they play–love, hate, respect or despise. BTW i should’ve added you too but i’ve only fought you maybe once and i just wasn’t enough comp to really get through your set tactics. i know you punish hard with cable/tron for mistakes hahaha ugh.

i know it looks like the wrong thread, but since SRK gives us all the option to edit our posts, it’s more of a “here’s my hit list” sorta thing and i’m just encouraging others to make the same lists. if there’s a thread like this that’s not the GG one, then i can def migrate over there. plz let me know what you think///

Played Vidness, beat him one out of three, so I’m happy about that.

DBSkitzGF (He’s on SRK too) is about the best player I’ve ever seen. He will destroy your top tiers with Ryu, Colossus, Hulk or some low tier team like that.

johnsonrock, do you think your wu tang sword, can defeat ME!?

En garde, I’ll let you try my Wu-Tang style.

It’s all good Prep! We all have our place in Marvel, like life. Someone beastly to us is a scrub to someone else (to a point) be it work, marvel, or life. Most of the online peeps I can ransack, while peeps like MvC2 Junkie, SirMixagrip, Mixup, JqBB1 are hard for me to get a win on at all. It’s all perspective. But anyhoo, thanks for the shoutout, Rock!

Just felt like posting this but i checked the leaderboards for the first time in a while, and saw that i have exactly 713 wins and 513 losses.

My math sucks but average-wise i guess that for every 5 wins i have 1 loss, or something. Thats not bad considering ranked is kinda like shark infested waters sometimes lol.



mvc2 junkie

I played Vidness one time and he arped me, so I guess I’ll add him too.


true grave u have succeeded in math! but what does ur “rating” number say. i think weekly is a better indicator. see how high u usually stay like top 300 etc and ur w/l on there

Sirmixagrip perfected me once haha, and just yesterday it was down to a phylock / phylock battle between me and him.

theCROOKnation is a beast:wgrin:

is that theo from oregon? i heard he was going to be online soon.

edit: nope, looks like that’s somebody else

NoizyChild: He’s


good. He’s also a chill guy. Uses Gambit very well. Much respect.

Romneto: Dear goodness, I’ve never been Rom’d so much in my life, but we had some fun games. Also, I somehow got Cammy’s KBA to cross-up on his Mags ([media=youtube]gpRXLGMVAHU#t=0m48s"[/media]) >_>

Vidness: Ran into him twice on Ranked. He used this sick BH/SonSon team against me. Got own’d to say the least, but it was cool to face one of the guys near the top of leaderboards.

Tharimrattler probably the funniest guy. his colossus is hella good

qevin baest beastly. idk if he still plays much but watch out for his anak/sent/sonson

Crizz Nation played him a few times. execution was near flawless.

fourtwenty808- mostly seen this guy use combofiend. he did it pretty damn good.

megamanDS idk what character he isn’t good with.

Nippz0r uses msp but with psylocke on point. works good. also i noticed this guy used fly alot with his storm.

justinwonglobbied up with him once. his team matrix was so beast. also did low tier vs him. was a fun game.

i know there’s alot more but i can’t remember their playstyle too good. myleftshoe, scoops, mvc2 roundhouse and many others.