Amazing Armor, Iron Man!

UPDATE - New thread soon by someone else. Updating this is low priority for me, and someone who actually cares about Iron Man should do him better than I have. No homo.

Discuss all things Iron Man here, at least until the game’s release when SRK will likely form character-specific sub-forums.


Iron Man’s MvC3 appearance is based on his less bulky, more modern “thin” look.

His English VA is being put through a voice filter, sort of like the animated Ultimate Avengers movies. Not sure who the VA is yet. If anyone knows, holler.

His Capcom “rival” appears to be Morrigan, with the two initially fighting and then eventually teaming up to save Viewtiful Joe and Amataseru (sp?). Backstory unknown at this time. No doubt Tony will have sex with Morrigan and come out fine. He’s fucking Tony Stark.

Iron Man leads a match with “Avengers Assemble!” if teamed up with other Avengers.


Like Doom, Wolverine, and Tron Bonne, Iron Man has a modified but similar-looking moveset based on MvC2 and MSH.

I got the commands below from Not that I’m this huge EventHubs supporter or nuthin’, but they do have the commands. Hopefully they’re accurate. Also, I’m using SRK “punch” smilies for the moves.


  • Many of his old normals return, including the palm blast and the rocket boot launcher

:qcf: + :p: (air okay)

Repulser Blast
:qcb: + :p:

  • Looks more like four Unibeams fired in a cross pattern than the old… thing it was in MvC2/MSH

Smart Bomb
:dp: + :p:

:qcb: + Exchange

  • The particulars of flight (combo potential, duration, etc.) are unknown at this time

Proton Cannon (straight)
:qcf: + :2p:

  • Big beam super
  • Not sure if it can be done in the air

Proton Cannon (angled)
:dp: + :2p:

  • Big beam super BUT ANGLED! :wow: :wow: :wow:
  • Not sure if it can be done in the air

Level 3 “drag their ass then unload with a giant chest beam” Hyper Combo

  • Motion currently unknown


Iron Man’s first appearance: the MvC3 official announcement teaser

Some Iron Man gameplay is interspersed in this video (posted by Demon Dash)

More gameplay, including Iron Man wave dash/tri-jump (posted by ssj2jeff)

Iron Man’s Level 3 hotness (posted by Kef)

Iron Man’s theme, apparently a remix of War Machine’s (posted by Mr.PaVy-RD)


Dr. B is the only other man in existence to seduce succubi. Him and Chef.

Why not just name the thread Superior Tech! The Iron Man thread.
Unless Amazing Armor is from the movie or something I missed?

I read a lot of iron man comics back in the day, he’s my fav marvel hero =)
I wonder if his Infinite will still be there lol

It better be for the sake of cheapness!

What if he gets a NEW INFINITE?

It’s from the old Iron Man cartoon. The REALLY old Iron Man cartoon.

Dr. B is as old as the cosmos and twice as Mad Sexy.

I was wondering if it was from that :lol:

it better look sick

I wonder what moves he’ll have this time around, i’m cofindent he’ll have at least one new one.

another question is more like if he’s gonna say whatever he says when he busts out that proton cannon, i mean, they GOT to keep around the p/c.

He should have ten more.

Mr. Stark you dawg.

I hope he gets some of the moves he had in War of the Gems for SNES.

[media=youtube]16g26XX798E[/media] :cool:

he better still be able to air to ground foos!

His armor looks wicked, although I kinda wish they threw in that new one, but I guess they didn’t have time.

I really dislike Iron Man as a character since Civil War. He’s just a jerk.

I really like Iron Man as a character since Civil War. He’s just a jerk.

Which apparently include a Shoryuken and a Psycho Crusher.

Keep existing Iron Man ala MVC2, give him a second super.

I suggest one based on the movie as a tie in for fans; grab and fly off screen, crash into ground in an explosion of Ice.

If War Machine is in, he does however need a tweak to be more distinct as a character. Replace Repulsor Blast with tracking missiles and change his launcher, leave the rest the same.

should have named it Invincible Iron Man thread.

Matt Fraction has been killing it on Iron Man.

i would like to be able to select the john romita jr armor wars armor for IM as an alternate. thatd be neat. not a fan of the granov extremis armor =\

so, to make him more distinct as a character, make only two aesthetical changes?

war machine should get a complete overhaul.