Amature XvsSF wallpapers for your smart phone by me

I’ve been uploading favorite images from mine to my smartphone to be used as wallpapers for my Droid 2. It started by downloading the hi-res covers to the Spawn Origins covers (which I highly recommend).

So I had this strange burst of creativity hit me the yesterday and made these.

Yeah, not that great. Makes me sad I’ve wasted my GD degree, and it tells me my style is waaay out of date. Needs more in the background I think? Probably better effects for the characters.

Regardless, they look phenomenal on my phone. Just thought I’d share this. I haven’t touched Photoshop in 6 years and still using CS, so be kind. :wgrin:

they’re cool! :slight_smile:

Might help if these were created in portrait mode and not landscape.


They’re in landscape due to the Droids screen setup.

Wow, nice job. Akuma, Mag, and Bison is nice. I think the Jug, Sabre, and Gief is really nice.