Amateur Hour!

I thought this would be a good place for people to ask those questions they are afraid to throw out due to public ridicule (I mean not every gaming community is nice: HoN, DoTA or CoD to name a couple). So I decided I would try and break the ice because like most, i want to elevate my game. So while reading the threads for my two characters of choice(Rolento/King) I am coming across conversations that use terminology I am unfamiliar with and thought I would reach out to my fellow Gamers to help me out!

So, since I am immersing myself with SFxT, I desire to be versed in the jargon and understand more of the mechanics of the game before I take my skills to the networked bouts. I am working my way through the trials and getting reacquainted with my Fight Stick and I was wondering if you guys could explain to me or refer elsewhere for the following:

  1. Links and Chains: What are they / How are the different / How are they achieved / How to know when to link vs when to chain (if applicable)

  2. General Questions on Frame Data:
    []How am I supposed to read it, i.e., Startup / Active / Recovery / On Hit / On Block Cancelable; on the most basic level with no previous knowledge.
    ]Is there a way to play with them on and how can you see the frame rate while practicing to apply these figures from the charts to my game, e.g., like slowing the game down(feeling really dumb now…haha)?

  3. Block Chains/Stun/Trap

  4. How do you effectively counter an attack, like the actual premise of it. I dont really understand in SfxT what constitutes a counter, if that makes sense. Moreover, I am interested specifically for King’s crumple stun from Disgraceful Kick and his Shoulder Charge which leads into his Wall Bounce.

I guess that is all for me right now, those are things I think are hurting my game the most (I cant get pasted 1k BP on PSN). Please, other people chime in and drop your own questions about game mechanics, I hope I’m not the only one with some pressing questions about this awesome release.
Thanks in advance guys! Oh and sorry for the wall of text :slight_smile:

Thank you, ilitirit, I moved my post there and added some things.