Amaterasu combo question

i see people doing the downward headbutt in the air for the ground bounce in reflector mode, then they switch to glaive and come down with the heavy sword and it causes another ground bounce, but i’m always to high and it doesnt hit. help?

You can only do it in x-factor, any level will do. I think you can also do it during Vale of Mist too but not sure.

nah you can do it without x factor

LMH f.HHHH S j.H Weapon Change M j.M Headbutt H charge H

I’ve only managed to do that combo if I started it with a cr.M… even adding a cr.L or a j.H/S causes the enemy to recover before the headbutt connects

Yeah, I was going off my memory since I don’t do that combo very often, so I wasn’t sure of the exact notation.

Do less f.H’s and do an instant j. H after the launch.

Technically, unless you’re trying to build meter, the less hits you do the better for Ammy combos anyway (damage wise, excluding things like the glaive f.H loops during slow down, or QCF glaive strikes) because they scale so much.