Am I wasting my time?

I’m broke as hell and can’t afford SSF4 and a 360.

SO, I am practicing using VSF4 on pc. Am I totally wasting my time?

Besides match up specifics I have been practicing OS’s and hit confirms. anything else I can do with VSF4 that I can apply to SSF4?

VSF4 = SF4?

Some of the characters had big changes when SSF4 came around. Some didn’t. You’re going to have to see what the changes are and how they affect you combo/matchup wise.

I personally don’t think you are wasting your time, but try to find a way to get some SSF4 in. Find a friend with it and play SSF4 with him. Maybe a couple of locals could help you out?

Vsf4 = vanilla Sf4

And I play SSF4 frequently throughout the week at gatherings and tournaments. I just don’t have it myself.

nah man. not the way i see it anyway. sf is sf in a way (please don’t set me on fire), the rules of sf combat apply in all sf titles, so ANY practice is good practice, of course playing the real deal would be better but when that is not available, play vanilla, they are not so different as say…tvc and ssf4, which is where i transitioned from. the basics still apply, and the game environments are very similar, so i’d so go for it

I wouldn’t say you’re wasting your time but you do have many things to consider.

Kros’ advice is pretty spot on. Also, keep in mind that hours of training while owning the game does not equal better player. If you can only play SSF4 for say… an hour a day but if it’s productive training and you learn from it that’s what matter.

When I used to be big into the SF3 scene, I remember I woud play a few top players here and there. One of them told me he never own a console in his life. He just bought an arcade stick and would play at tournaments. No practice mode all day, no watching YouTube videos, no nothing. Just strait tournaments. He was a damn force to be reckoned with. Always got top 3. I can’t say who, cause I think he likes that being his secret.

Anyway, do what you gotta do to stay competitive is what I say.

I wouldn’t say you’re wasting your time. There are changes from Vanilla to Super, but if I was you I’d still play it.

You’re not wasting your time. While you’re missing out on certain match-up details that will definitely lead to you getting creamed should you go up against some shenanigans in SSFIV, the fundamental game is still the same. Execution, yomi, plinking, option-selects, safe-jumps, proper use of normals, et cetera, are things that can be practiced in any version of the game.

If you’re that concerned about your chosen character, learn the differences between their Vanilla and Super incarnation and watch a lot of SSFIV vids. It’s all you can really do.

It’s a huge waste of time. Average and below players will tell you otherwise. You’ll develop bad habits if you don’t play with the new changes. It is much more optimal to play the game and learn it in its latest reincarnation so that you’ll just ease into the mechanics without having to fumble over old methodology when learning new things. Tabula rasa.

Play some other games in the meantime, save up some money, and buy the 360 and SSFIV later when AE comes out.

Or you can play vanilla, learn the core concepts of the SF4 series, and be 80% of the way there when you get SSF4 / AE. It’s not like he’s trying to learn SF4 by playing BB.

Play GGPO?

As long as you are playing against humans and learning mind games, you aren’t totally wasting your time.

You might want to fix the “I’m broke as hell” part.

play marvel

get a job?

or play bison,he’s pretty much the same in all 3 ver.


It’s not a waste of time at all.

start saving your cash though, it’s no fun to be the only one playin an old game.

Just throwing this out there. I say I’m broke cause I have another life to support. Not cause I’m a bum lol.

2nd, Thanks everyone for your POV’s.

3rd, I win most games I play at gatherings and I don’t own a system or the game.

I only practice SJ-OS’s and hit confirms cause anything else is different like say, Ryu’s damage output.

Lots of characters are almost the same but with different damage values. Capcom really didn’t change much compared to other games.
Just pick the right character and you’ll do fine.

Guile and a couple of other charge characters have diminished charge times IIRC. Don’t quote me though.

You can’t afford 130 for a new box and a 20 doller game?