Am I the only one that thinks SFV is harder

Execution aside I feel much more challenged by SFV than SF4. While I was only an intermediate SF4 player I felt like in that game was so much easier. It felt like I always new what to do, fireballs and punishing fireballs mattered so much more and the utility of your command list was so obvious. In SFV my brain just hurts the whole time. Even against players that aren’t so good. In SF4 I often didn’t really have to think about what the other guy was doing and mix-ups felt more straight-forward but in 5 I play Nash and I’m struggling to open anyone up. It’s like if my opponent even attempts a ground game I lose. Frame data seems Much more important in this game and I’ve never read frame data in any of the games I used to play and I could do pretty well online. Does anyone else feel like SFV is harder than 4?

I think it just feels different. Throws in general feel weird. Jump-ins, and where you land… that feels weird too. We probably just need some more time with it.

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I would agree except for that there are people who are on such another level this soon after the game’s release that it feels so discouraging. Especially when you have to beat those people and you’re wondering how they ever made sense of it so fast.

Probably because they played SF games other than IV.

It’s not that it’s harder just the mechanics are different… I came to realize that there are your average gamers who aren’t willing to put in the work to be consistently good in games such as this. I am terrible in this game now but I am determined to be apart of the FGC.

This game feels so good to me, it made mi fighting will come back since i was long retired, i tried to play SFIV AE but i didnt like it.
IMO this is a more tactical game, with more mind games and not so many Ultra super life saving combos

I find SFV to be much more fair (other than lag warping). As has been said, it feels a lot more tactical and strategic than a freaking magical button exercise. I’ve not yet been frustrated by moves not coming out the way I was with SFIV. I’m finding SFV to be pretty darn great. I bought it for the multiplayer…and it doesn’t disappoint (except for maybe how long it takes to actually play a match even once you’ve been paired up). I could care less about some missing Arcade mode, though a truly fleshed out training mode (something even better than SFIV’s frustrating nonsense) would be welcome while I’m waiting to get a match.

I know with SFV that if I lost it’s because I was truly bested, not because I don’t have the finger dexterity or super-magical timing required to pull off practically any combo.

It’s definitely much easier than Street Fighter 4. My brother hates Street Fighter 4 because it took to long to learn and practice and get good, but he really likes SF5 and we play it together a lot.

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^^^^ This. SFV is more like SSF2T than SF4.

In SF4, you still got a chance to recover easily with the Ultra mechanic and its overall modest damage output.

But in SFV with its oldschool-ish damage output, two big mistakes and you’re pretty much dead if you’re against a good player.

Mistake #1: Big Crush Counter combo, your Stun is through the roof.

Mistake #2: Big combo, you’re stunned afterwards or about to be after a jab or short follow-up.

You Got Stunned: Another big combo. You have no more than 20% life and must earn the comeback.

You can’t do wake-up DPs & Roundhouse sweeps all willy-nilly in SFV. It’s like Capcom tried to make SFV more accessible for casual players, but at the same time they didn’t…lol

When the people who think SF5 is “hard” start to learn how to block, it will become easier. You simply can’t just get out of tough situations with ease like you could in SF4 with back dashes, FADC, or mashing jab. Sometimes you just have to sit and block a bunch of shit until you are free of pressure and back into neutral.

It’s so obvious when you are in a match and you run across someone who is trying to play this game like SF4. And once you realize that, it’s so easy to blow them up.

Stop getting hit and you won’t get caught by traps.

I actually think SFIV is harder but that is because I didn’t try it until late. Now that I am starting this off from the beginning I feel its easier for me. I am loving the gameplay more for SFV and Rashid is so much fun to play with.

absolutely. but we have one new defensive option most people ignoring right now and that’s the v-reversal. this is your “get out of tough situations”-card in this game.

Yeah but that isn’t a “get out of jail free” card like the stuff in part 4 was. Half the time it gets stuffed.

A lot of people are giving SF4 a bad rap, but the dexterity required to play it at the highest level was a beauty to behold.

With that said: I prefer SF5 because I grew up in the 90’s playing SF2T. That doesn’t take anything away from SF4, it was a different game and that’s a good thing.

SF5 feels most like SF3 to me. Am I crazy? Is this on?

I’m loving the low execution barrier. Now I don’t have to get frustrated because I can’t perform insane combos requiring super tight timing and can focus on the fundamentals of blocking, spacing, poking, and punishing. Then when I need a combo, a short and simple one is good enough.

But the hill you had to climb to learn the combos in SF4 made them all the more satisfying when you perfected them. Personally, to land an FADC U2 with Guile in a real match after practicing it for weeks or even months, it’s a really great feeling.