Am I the only Marduk Left!?!?

Marduk’s been ignored for too long I see sum of them on XBL most are ABC monsters buh ive seen a couple actually kno wat they’re doing with the new update coming I was wondering is it just me and ProximityNYC as far as high level duke players?!?!?

I have a pocket Marduk I use occasionally in tournaments. It never gets old seeing people get all mad for being gator slammed for jumping.

I love him as a character and I always play Marduk in Tekken, but here he just seems like a gimmick character. Everything that he does do deal damage costs meter. And don’t tell me that you can hit hard from… every character can do that :wink:

He just doesn’t seem to have *solid *options. And every time I see a Marduk replay where he’s actually winning it’s either a good player beating up someone below his level or it’s Pikagoma :wink:

I honestly feel like he has all the necessary tools to be a big threat. Decent pokes, fastest cmd grab, AMAZING anti air. I seem to do fine against most zoners aside from Jin (those long lasting balls are a tease to jump over). He has his weaknesses, but I feel like he has what it takes.>cadc cmd grab is pretty safe, last I checked you’re at +2 on cadc block from, so it sets up nicely.

My meterless bnb isn’t listed anywhere from what I can see:

cr.hp cadc,, hp gator slam = 322 damage.
Or if you suck at cadc cr.hp, hp gator slam = 280 damage.

322 is a strong bnb, with a hard knockdown (and punishable rolls incoming) it’ll be even more valuable.

I don’t play him but from my experiences against Marduk players i think he is a very decent character with a good command grab and a very VERY tricky crossup due to his short jump arc. And his AA beats like everything airborne! Besides these aspects, nothing hurts more than get finished by his super!

It is SO satisfying to win like this. Especially when you taunted before OR the opponent taunted.

Fu** it, I’m going all out with Yoshi/Marduk. I don’t care about tier lists anymore. Espacially because I don’t even lose that much. Nobody seems to know how to approach Marduk or expect tick throws. At least online.

did not know he was plus 2 ive seen ppl do that dash and i felt it was too gimmicky n wont work against high level ill check it out but i agree with this guy and hes far from a gimmick character! lol the best zoner matchup i noticed is Akuma his armor backhand is great at certain ranges to punish air fireball n akuma doesnt have health i like that matchup since most people think is in their favor his super is satisfying especially when your losing to someone you shouldnt be its long enough to get a gameplan for the comebak and its good to see them get punch in the face again and again…and again sucks for pandora tho :frowning:

lol yoshi is a gr8 char he has a mixup where the first hit, hits in front n the other crosses up 0_0! if your on Xbl his gt lillewis best yoshi ive seen but i heard vulcan hades had the best not sure tho…as far as the team is great the windmill keeps them standing great for, j.hp,hp,gatorslam
or if you do j.hp too early you can swap hp for
or u can grab them if they block or against high levels predict the jump and light air grab them

the further up you go tho youll realize that team doesnt have good normals close range so a mashed jab by anyone will beat out everything which is annoying but ken has worst normals than yoshi and ive beaten almost every great player ive ran into multiple times, ive lost dozens, but i win nonetheless but do it bro! i believe in you!

I can’t believe that I get more hatemail playing Yoshi/Marduk for an hour than I got for Gief/Cammy, which I’ve been playing since summer…

wth ppl should respect marduk players im on xbl I only get hatemail from using a shoto marduk sucks so does yoshi to get good with either shuld b respected

and that dash is terrible never do it against good players

new stuffs


Well I’ve added Marduk to my rotation now too… and I’ll be honest I slept on him.

I mean I knew he was good but geeezus. And right now he’s complimenting my point well.

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Read way I posted in Marduk general discussion its the blueprint for high level Marduk play then you’ll win easy but I hope u learn sum new stuff cuz I think my Marduk hit a ceiling but I want new setups n new links but I doubt anythings left

Right on, will do. I’ll need to play ya’ some more too, learn me some stuff. :slight_smile:

He should be getting some new juice (at least a little more) in v2013, shouldn’t he? AT least with his Takedown catching opponents in the air for sure.

been getting back into the game and been liking chun/marduk. been looking around the roster since i havent played in a long timeand my main teams wen i first started got nerfed or are getting nerfed into the ground and just dont feel the same (juri/marduk and julia/marduk were my first mains). im definitely going to be running king/marduk but want a character that can play a spacin/zoning game if they need to so thats were chun comes in.

Yeah its settled, Juri x Marduk is working out like, perfectly for me. Most fun and consistency I’ve had since March '12.

Cammy x Marduk got some decent mileage too, good to know my CP works well with him.

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I’d like to see that roknin, I’ll send you a request tonight (subbybear) so I can watch/record some matches.

Ah man I totally missed this message. :frowning: Yeah definitely add me, I’m usually on in the evening after 9pm my time (Arizona).