Am I the only American that thought Thanksgiving was today?

For some reason, even though I am 26, I never knew the official convention for what day Thanksgiving takes place on (always the 4th Thursday). And yet I assumed that today, the 23rd, was Thanksgiving just because I remember it occurring on the 23rd on multiple past occasions. I was all disappointed because I am feeling sick today and thought that it would be a crummy Thanksgiving for me. But thankfully, I had the foresight to google ‘Thanksgiving 2013’ before saying anything to make me look stupid.

Speaking of sick, is it better to drink hot or cold beverages to deal with a sore congested throat? Doesn’t cold stuff counteract soreness, but hot clears the sinuses?

Thank god.

Warm things like tea always worked for me when i had a sore throat.

Is this really a Beguiled thread?

Another quality BeGuiled thread :tup:

Man fuck that thanksgiving is today for me anyway.

Fam is doing a thanksgiving dinner today instead because everyone is going away on for the actual thanksgiving day.

Fun fact chanuka and thanksgiving will in the same day this year. This wont happen again for hundreds of years.

I thought you said chunksta at first

thanksgiving was last month, savages

You need to be drinking things that are burning hot, Beguiled.

The best treatment for your particular case would be:

Battery acid - drink it up.

It ranges from 22 to 28 I believe. I don’t know if it’s possible to be on the 21st. Still, don’t you have a calendar or something? I still hang one up next to my computer every year.

Honestly, Being ignorant about something that’s common knowledge is the most American thing you can do.

You’re 26 and you are just now realizing that Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday? It seems like you would have at least known that Black Friday is always on the day after thanksgiving.

BeGuiled…this is an intervention. Several members have raided your place and taken/drank (really, what’s the difference?) all your alcohol. It’s for your own good.

I thought the same thing for ages. I always thought it was the 3rd Thursday of november, but I guess it’s the last thursday. But because there isn’t always a full 4th week in November, it sometimes falls on the 3rd thursday.

No, it’s always the 4th Thursday. As long as we’ve been alive it’s been that way. The only thing that changes is the number date. If the 1st day of the month is a Friday, it’s at the 28th. If the first day is a Thursday, it falls on the 22nd. I’ve looked it over and as far as I can tell it has to be between that range.

My father (63) and sibling (36) were both born on Easter. Neither birthday has fallen on Easter since. They will be 73 and 62 (respectively) when it happens again.

26 was a ruse, like he’s pushing that as this years Turkey day date too.

Or by the time he’s 28 he will know what day Thanksgiving 2013 was on.

Good idea, next time


Then you get in his face while gnawing on that drumstick. While he cries into his nitrate sliced turkey sammich. :sad: