Am i doing it right?

*edited. kara palm is now unserstood. :smiley:
Thnx for help! vid taken down

hmmm, not at all, hehe
Kara-palm is done inside Gen’eijin, with the purpose of repeatedly striking palms in an airborne opponent (and raping him \o/)

during GJ, press, cancel to and to palm (2 kara cancels)
timing is tricky, check the yun threads for further info

as for the combo, your combo doesn’t take much damage from the opponent, but in the string you showed on the video, lose one shoulder and try to hit last mk when GJ ends, then immediately input palm, and the rest of ko finisher

KO finisher is done with palm, lp shoulder, f.hp, ( kara cancelled) lp lunge punch

I use this combo to hit a KO finisher (timing is good, it’s easy to hit the palm after this, and damage scaling isn’t so bad)

123 string(lp,lk,mp) xx GJ, f.hp, f.mkx2, palm,, f.hp, hp lunge punch, close ends), KO finisher

any GJ activation immediate corner launcher can be used to start this
the important point to hit ko finisher is to juggle the opponent at the highest peak
(use the zooming as visual trigger, when your yun sprite disappears from screen you’re good to go!)
use Q or Hugo to train first, then proceed to other characters (full KO finisher only works on shotos, Q, Hugo, Necro, Chun-li, Makoto)(the ones I know of)

oh, instead of using lp shoulder to cancel GJ after the string, activate directly after mp (more damage)

hope it helps

BIG help actually! so for the Kara, yuo should be able to put it into a mp.shoulder launch correct? which at the peak of the juggle, you Double kara the and st.lp into the palm? and im assuming you can do that until the bar runs, where you do the K.O finsih?

and , not sure, but im guessing the lose one shoulder is to give more time for combos using the bar( and possible damage scalie since its a special move?), and you only do 123 becasue if you do (1234 i guess) the damage scaling goes up, or can you do that anyway?

Thanks a TON for the help. lol.

even for highly experienced players, the karapalm is really difficult to do consistantly… Hence, the karapalm is not really applicable in matches… in matches you’re better off sticking to the “normal” combos.

Although it is better to start GJ from a, rather than throwing the shoulder in, doing the shoulder is just fine. The main problem with doing the chain into a shoulder is that it is soooooooooooooooo very easily tech-able once they realize you can’t chain into a GJ any other way. Even if you activate GJ after a parried shoulder, ur gonna get a hell of a punishing for it.

If you have a hard time going into GJ from just, buffering into GJ from a lp.shoulder is ok… just be cautious on a blocked chain.

i cant seem to land the lp.shoulder after the palm in the finisher. any suggestions? if u need a vid, let me know, i can put it up in minutes. :]

a video would help, maybe its a mp shoulder? Oo

hmm, it is indeed hard to do, but there are some things that may help

ok, first, when you get to learn GJ juggles, you get somewhat used to opponent’s falling behavior, and judging when to do such finisher is needed to get the timing and situations for the hardest GJ finishers.

for KO finisher, I believe the first, is to get used to release the shoulder as fast as you can after the palm. The timing is roughly the same as you would do for lp shoulder, f.hp finisher part(delaying the motion a little bit). The visual indicator I use is to perform the shoulder right after yun’s stomp. In fact, i think that should be trained with all normals timing heheh. A palm that hits as high as possible is good too (QCB+lk~hp kara palm helps too, especially with ground strings and, launcher lk method)

the f.hp part is only possible if the opponent has some height, or if you perform it really fast after the shoulder (common finisher training should do the trick)

the last thing is the kara lunge, which is kinda boring to train until you get nicely
(sometimes you’ll whiff a throw/lk or you’ll get a normal lunge). a good training is to repeat f.hp, kara lunge in corner until you get the hang of it

to get the whole string, first train it with Q as your training “partner”. It’s easier to do on him, and the lunge doesn’t need to be kara, Then when you get the hang of at least the f.hp part, use necro and elena (easier to do, lunge doesn’t need kara also), then, go to shotos and hugo(timing is a little harsher, needs kara lunge) and lastly chun and makoto (lp shoulder is a bitch to land aganist them)

hope it helps
post a vid of your improvements later!