Am I Able To Fix SE Stick Now That it is Broken?

Well my SE stick is no longer registering left commands. I saw that there was a fix for the sticks with the loose washer on here. Would I be able to correct the problem now that the stick has stopped working?

Your PCB is probibly scratched by the washer, so unless you are good at soldering PCB’s. Your only way to fix your stick is to:

a) Send it to mad catz
b) Replace the joystick

The washer fix is only if your stick “sticks” in certain positions, and as I understand it that is not your case.

No. If the signal trace on the PCB is cut he can simple solder the wire straight to the micro switch rather then use the wire harness.

Cut whatever wire is not working and solder it to the micro switch.

Thanks guys for the replys. I think i will have to order new parts as I don’t want to send my stick only to have the same thing happen again. I don’t know anything about sodering I have read the guides here but I think I might not do something right.