Aluminum Yield Strength for aluminum Sheet metal case

A friend of mine is planning to make a case out of Aluminum Sheet metal. I did some research online and looked up different types of aluminum. The weakest type of aluminum I researched has a yield strength of 21,000 pounds per square inch (psi). The aluminum will basically start to deform when the aluminum experience stress levels greater than 21,000 psi. My friend does not know the type of aluminum his work place has at the shop. The workers there do not know either. Assuming he uses the one with the 21,000 psi yield strength… Will thin sheet metal be to flimsy and weak for a Bottom-mounted, double solid control panel mounting layout. (I am planning to use the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK joystick). The mounting layout is the second picture from the slagcoin website below:

I read online that aluminum sheet metal will be too flimsy and weak for a Bottom-mounted, double solid control panel mounting layout. Slagcoin says the layout is ideal for metal panels. And I am thinking 21,000 PSI is a lot of stress. Seems pretty strong to me. As always, science does not always agree with real life scenario. If aluminum sheet metal is too weak, I will go with the Top-mounted, routed double control panel mounting layout. If using aluminum is possible, what is the minimum thickness I should utilize? I would like to use a thickness less than 0.09 inches. Any help will be great! Thanks!

I believe the 21,000 PSI number is for permanent deformation so you’ll get flex in your control panel before that.

I would not build it from aluminum sheet metal, it isn’t rigid enough in sheet metal form. I would go for steel plating, but then you will need hole saws and should have a drill press.

To give you an idea, 1mm wayway too thin, same with 2mm, 3mm is borderline and still wouldnt use it, 5mm is strong as hell tho and I would use that if you can get hold of it. Im a fabricator by trade so play around with it lots. Not seen 4mm but that would actually be the perfect weight/strength ratio I’d imagine.

Everyone, thanks for the answers. I just converted the SI units to English units. Seems like I need to find a five,six, or seven gage aluminum sheet. Thanks again. This helps tremendously!

I already did a stick out of sheet aluminum, quite a few obstacles to get through, and i’m still working through some of them for revision 2