Aluminum Bat Tops?

My next project will desperately need an aluminum bat top in White and I’m having zero luck finding an online shop w such a thing. I saw a link among the threads for Dragon Joystick, however their site only offers Black and Silver. Any ideas?

Id rather not buy a bat top and paint one because my paint kung-fu isn’t very strong

They have multiple colors. Check his ebay page.

Hey guys, Just want every one to know that we are finally up and running after weathering the storm. You have all been great and super patient while we have been down because of hurricane Sandy. I have the listings back up on Ebay along with more items to come very soon. Your feedback has been fantastic and motivating to say the least. You can find the listing under Dragon Joystick or click this link:

to see all of my listings.
Thank you all again,
Joe Biank
Dragon Joystick