Alternative to the classic Wico style in Simpsons/X-Men/Sunset Riders etc?

Hey everyone, I know this is mostly a fighting website but I am gearing up to do some retro controls from my childhood and I’d like one that is a good reproduction of the ones used in the X-Men/Simpsons cabs. Just for variety. Other than that I’m also getting IL Eurosticks, probably a Pac-Man style 4-way (although if the Wico alternative was switchable that would be nice) and a Sanwa for Japanese games from later years.

You can still get the original wico leafswitch joysticks on ebay. They pop up every so often. There is a “nos” one on auction right now .

Sanwa JLW can be used for a old school feel.

Sanwa JLW’s are great all around sticks. Give the best of both worlds with old school feel, yet modern precision.

For old school controls, GroovyGameGear has some excellent leaf switch offerings in the Leaf-Pro (Wico Balltop clone), and the Super-Pro (bat-top). Think new vintage…classic style designs, with updated refinements. Their buttons are also nice too!