Alternative to Mad Catz Fight Pad on XBOX?

hey my madcatz pad broke down on me and i really dont trust it enough to get another one. its the D Pad that malfunctioned. im not sure why its designed so delicately if that same reason can cause it to be unable to handle pressure. i had it for about a year but rarely ever used it.

before i try to buy a new pad i wanted to know if there are possibilities of opening it up to fix the d-pad? maybe something simply went out of place? or is it not as simple as that?

i saw Hori has a nice commander pad which is sadly a PS3 exclusive. i also ran across a Hori EX2 Turbo but sadly this pad isnt being sold anywhere in UK/EU anymore, and import shipping seems pretty costly on ebay or drastically overpriced on amazon(usa). can anybody help me in terms of alternate fight pads i could buy instead of a madcatz? or isnt there any on the xbox360?

The PDP Pads are REALLY nice. I used to use fightpads, than I switched to arcade stick, If for some reason I had to go back to pad I would definitely pick up one of the PDP pads, the buttons and thumbstick are all on microswitch so it feels great. If your local gamestop has them, the packaging allows for you to feel the buttons and stick before purchasing it.

Try going to the trading outlet or contact a European stick builder like B15SDM. Many stick builders use the pcbs to make custom sticks. Some hold on to these because they know that Madcatz Fightpads need replacing. Ask anybody for 5 rubber contact pads for the Madcatz Dpad. You need to replace that periodically. Those wear out.

hi please tell me what is “5 rubber contact pads”? what is their purpose? when you say ask anybody you mean like a stick builder right? is that how to fix my Madcatz D-pad? or more of getting the builder to make a custom pad for me? sorry for the questions i just want to be 100% sure. thanks

the reviews on them make them out to be worse than madcatz pads:( everyone is saying they stop responding very quickly

5 rubber contact pads are pads that make contact to the PCB of the pad/controller. Here’s an image for example from a PSX Pad :

The contact pads are imaged to the left of the actual D-Pad.

If you can find this for your MCZ pad, you can replace it, like rtdzign said.

As for replacement pads, I’d also suggest either finding a new MCZ Pad, or use the PDP Pad.

I love them, granted, I had already made the switch to stick when I first used these, so I haven’t put a beating on them to see how they hold up, but straight out of the box, I liked it a lot more than the Madcatz fightpads.

The rubber contact pad is a thin rubber membrane that has black conductor dots that register a button press. When you push the dpad down it contacts the pcb and closes a circuit. When you let go it bounces back up and opens the circuit.

When playing fighting games the type of motions exerted on this pad wears it out over time and it doesn’t bounce back to shape any more. This has obviously happened to your pad. So you will need to replace it. You can also try cleaning it.

You really only need 1 for a replacement, but my best guess is that if you have 5, you would only have to replace it once or twice a year. This is just another reason to play Fighting games on a stick. Every console generation, they change up the design of the pads, but the basic design of the arcade stick doesn’t really change as drastically.

ah ok i understand now. thanks guys for all the help