Altering a fighting game for PC play

I’ve recently seen a number of fighting games going to pc gameplay and I was wondering how do they go about altering controls for pc and online gameplay. Do they simplify the gameplay elements or do they simply trust everyone will have a pc joystick. currently going to go buy a few pc fighting games online. I was just wondering if anyone here had thoughts on it.

The majority of USB controllers (Fightpads/Arcade Sticks) work on PC. Controls in those games should be the same as in their console counterparts.

I’d be surprised if you found a controller that you couldn’t get to work on PC. If all else fails, use xpadder.

Normally you set whatever buttons you want in game. A few games normally only recognise 360 controllers (which is super dumb btw, especially for fighting games), but there are ways around that.

Pretty much any controller or stick you could ever have is going to have a way of getting it working on PC.

All human input devices operate the same way. They just complete an electric circuit whenever a button is pressed, and that circuit corresponds to whatever button it is. So ANY controller can work on PC as long as you have a way of defining its keys to the machine.

ok i see that now, i had purchase a pc specific gamepad and it had controls like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 basically the number pad. didnt know if for a pc if they did this but with simpler controls. but i get what you guys are saying. i was hoping they didnt expect you to play from your keyboard.

You hands-down have the most controller options on PC. Not only are there loads of PC controllers, but pretty much all console controllers work too. I bought an adapter for my Gamecube Wavebird the other day, and it’s basically plug-and-play. If you have bluetooth on your pc you can even use a Wiimote.

And I suggest that you at least try the keyboard at some point. I played on controllers since fighting games were invented, and when Skullgirls on PC came out I decided to give the keyboard a shot. I haven’t looked back since(though I have now upgraded to a Hitbox). Ghosting on keyboards can be a problem, but it’s usually possible to work around that.