Alright people...

This forum has screeched to a halt. I say we start a new challenge or some sort of mega-huge collab or sum’n. Don’t get me wrong, I like other art places like and deviant art, but theres just something about being in a forum where everybody is into pretty much the same stuff and they like to do art about it.


For a challenge, we’ll need ideas for what to challenge ourselves with, and the best I can think of is the cast of Guitar Hero 2, or maybe like some stuff I saw on of redesigns of old cartoons or whatever.

For a collab, I have no idea.

… there’s a lot of stuff to be done there.

i’m down for whatever. my entry prob won’t be 2D but I’ll throw something up.

Famous Capcom Characters

Famous mechs

Final Fantasy characters

Super heroes Marvel/ DC/ Other

That’s some of the stuff i can think of right now.

Turning kid cartoon characters into grown ups…

[i.e. Billy and Mandy, Powerpuffs, Dexter and DeeDee, etc]

We could do something like take a character from a series and apply a creative theme for everyone to follow. Something short and sweet is preferred since ppl are rather busy for the challenges.

that’s a good idea. and a good point.

How about…‘Street Fighters when they aren’t Street Fighting’? You know, Guile eating a bowl of Lucky Charms, getting ready to go to the barber…Ryu at the doctor getting treated for Sonic Burns…Fei Long is probably frying up some wicked beef and rice at his little restaurant AS WE SPEAK. I bet that shit is tasty too, he probably has some wicked secret spices he uses to kick that shit up like 4 notches - that’s why he always looks concerned in a match, always tossing around mental recipes I’ll shut up now.

…Akuma selling bead necklaces…Chun instructing mini-Chuns…Zangief coloring inside the lines…

Yeah, pick a character and draw what they do when they aren’t busting heads.

Into this one but also down for JoJo!


Streetfighter characters working odd jobs!!

lol, What Street Fighter characters do on their day off. XD Lets do that! It’d be hilarious, which is a change from the semi serious challenges in the past. I’m in for whatever but this is my number one so far :smiley:

That one sounds good to me also. I’ll try to throw something down.

LoL. That’s awesome.

I would love to be down
This sounds awesome

can I draw remy modeling in a g-string?


Or even our very own HD sprite contest.

hmmm… Theres already a thread about HD sprites, but a contest could be cool, and the everyday street fighter thing sounds cool too, but it seems like people here draw street fighter characters enough as it is. I really liked the idea of the MGS1 contest cuz it brought in more than just a fighting game character roster which is also why I suggested GH2 or the cartoon thing.

This is tough!
Maybe we could come up with our own fighitng game characters based on a theme, like famous serial killers or something?

that actually sounds really interesting. i’m down for that.

liking the ideas thrown up by you guys… come to a consensus and start a thread, I’ll sticky it up when it’s ready.

sorry I’m not as active on the board, but I’m facing some major life changes atm. I come by to make sure you’re not spammed up or anything, but I’m unable to take a more active role just now.

def need a new contest.

maybe SF but with a certain theme. for one

and then another crazy totally new criteria for a 2nd one