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Hi Guys,

Alright so I’m currently a little too busy to keep a regular schedule here. Alphaism is on a bit of hiatus, but rest assured that despite weekly ±editions of wakeup, aism will return shortly. I still have show ideas down the pipeline, but the things I have left require a bit of care. I’ll do my best to work quickly.

AlphaISM with skisonic on a semi-regular basis will return post-evo. I’ve got a few guests planned and a ton of show topics that I’ve been working on, so stay tuned for more details!

check back soon for the mp3 of ShinBlanka and Scott Popular’s bombshell announcments about FR2011 - Ranbats in Japan for Final Round 13!!!

**** AlphaISM Radio: Next episode is T.B.A. ** **

Particularly about the 2D201 thing, Please leave me some feedback in this thread if you like it, hate it, want to hear more, want to hear something specifically, or anything related to the show.

** Advanced Topics: The Basics (title pending) **
This is going to be a slightly different experimental format. I am going to discuss, in plain English, the differences between an average player, a great player, and a top player. I’m going to attempt to delve into the many aspects of 2D fighters that the best players develop through years of play. Through dicussion of topics like, “clutch” (started this one in the past), psychology (“HE’S TRAINING HIM”), compensation (I MADE THIS ONE UP!), and more, I will bring to you, in real words what makes a player great. I call this show Advanced Topics: The Basics, because this show will discuss the bits of the game that are high-level in terms of skill and level of play, but are absolutely essential - so much so they’re considered basic to an experienced player. Hopefully, everyone will be able to learn from this.

In a way, you could consider this, 2D 201. I’m open to consent, but to gain the most from this course it’s best you’d take the pre-reqs or an equivalent.

Primarily, this is aimed at the SF4 crowd. The guy that’s played FPS for years and wishes the game had headshots. The 7-11 hero who hasn’t played SF since 92 but he never misses a awwwwwwwwwwwwukit! The tourney vet who had a kid when Alpha 2 dropped and never had a chance to get back into the game before he was great. Anyone.

This will cover a wide range of topics, and surely will bring about interesting discussion for players of all levels. More on this later.

I’ll get thoughts from great players on some of these subjects and integrate them into the discussion. I’m also working on excellent guests who will help me elaborate upon these topics. I will bring the knowledge from the best minds in SF together in a cohesive, digestable form.

I wouldn’t say I’m finally going to spoon-feed… But this information will definitely presented in liquid form. Or at least you won’t have to chew. So if you hunger for knowledge…

This is likely to becoming an ongoing series. This will be an introductory course, and I’ll likely find specific topics to devote complete shows to.
Oh I’ll also discuss the scene a bit too. New player bonus!

** *** Let’s get this goin Alphaism is back baby!!! SB4 !! 2D 101 with Prof. Skisonic CLASS IS IN SESSION! *** **

i did not proofread this.

Random interspaced note: Check out AlphaISM Radio - updated once every few millennia

Here are links to the most recent editions of AlphaISM Radio:

Most Recent
[02/08/2011] MvC2 In-Depth w/Viscant! Part 2 (Retrospective Completed!) megaupload
They thought it wouldn’t be done, but I finally reprised my MvC2 history and capped it off JUST in time for MvC3. Relive the magic, or catch up on the years of hype you might’ve missed! Joined by Viscant and Bunkei, with DS in text form playing an invaluable role. I really liked this setup! (Please pardon the rough edits, we had a few technical difficulties early in the show which were quickly resolved.)

[06/28/10] The EvilGeniuses Interview! Justin Wong and Marneto have joined Evil Genius w/ Executive Director Alex Garfield!
sharebee megaupload

Justin Wong and Marneto are EvilGeniuses’s newest recruits! Over half a decade with the Empire and Justin’s on record as severing all ties! He and Marn join me and discuss their time with the Empire, their new team and what the future holds! EvilGeniuses Executive Director Alex Garfield is on top to answer questions about his team directly! Don’t miss this one!
Helpin me out as cohost is Havoc

**[02/02/10] “SF4 Year in Review” with Sabin.** SF4 Year in Review! Guest Arturo Sanchez (Sabin). Focus on competitive SF4 scene and evaluation where we stand, how the outlook is for Super4, etc. Great insight from Arturo, having spent much time in Japan.

**[01/10/10] “If You Don’t Scare…” AlphaISM Interview with Chris Hu!** skisonic talks with Chris Hu and discusses a range of topics including the differneces between Asian and American FG scenes, the explanation of the mysterious “If you don’t scare, I don’t scare” philosophy, a bit over/under and more!

**[12/09/09] Post NECX Wrap-up Part 1 | [12/10/09] Part 2**
ski does a quick History of Northeast Championships in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, then recaps the 10th anniversary NECX that just passed. Mizuki hops on and shares his NEC experiences. Interviews with Justin Wong (Part 1), and FlashMetroid(Part 2).
Keits cohosts (Part1), Bunkei is around as always.

**[11/05/09] AlphaISM Radio:2D201 From Youtube to You WIN! Video Shills, Arcade Heroes, Spar! ** I can’t stop thinking of subtitles for this show but a description would be Advanced Topics: Match Videos. Skisonic discusses match videos from a competitive standpoint as well as the rise of the “youtube generation”. Pros and cons of videos, common mistakes, and the future are all topics of discussion. TMy guests were posterboy for the youtube generation True_Tech, tutorial video maker and general loudmouth Keits, broken shell of a player whose shit no longer works in the modern world + frequent contributor Viscant, and og A3 player and drunken master Baltimore Chun!

If you already downloaded just the first part off IRC, here’s a stand-alone link to the part2 only: Download - alphaismradio11-5-09_pt2.mp3 - Sharebee.com, the one and only online file hosting distribution service.

Very good show! Thanks to rob2_0 for recording.

**[10/25/09] Alphaism Radio Season’s Beatings 4 Post Show** In this edition, Fugee and Ghaleon talk about their histories and entrance into the scene, the history of SB and more. Javits helped us recount great moments of this years SB including storytime with Daigo.

** [09/24/09] Advanced Topics: “Character Selection”** Viscant and I discuss from all angles, character selection. Topics include what players do think about vs what players should think about when selecting a character. We also typify certain players and discuss their strengths and weaknesses relative to the characters they pick, in a variety games. Bunkei is also around to provide the much needed view of an inexperienced player, and a few laughs too.

** [09/24/09] Advanced Topics: The Basics! - 2D 201!** ski attempts to break down common high level sf tactics to granular topics. Through the theme of reading an opponent in one match, I delve into a few 2D101 concepts and introduce many others for future discussion. No guests.

[08/21/2009] NW Major Pre Show Bunk reprises his old seat to support his regional MAJOR!

[08/16/2009] 10 p.m. ET / 7 PT - MvC2 In-Depth 2 Description coming soon

[08/04/2009] 0 p.m. ET / 7 PT - MvC2 In-Depth w/Viscant! Part 1 My dream realized, I got to sit around and talk MvC2 with Viscant while people listened! Joined by Toshin and Nydrin, Viscant and I discussed a brief history of MvC2 up until 2003. We then delved into strategy and techinical talk, on a variety of topics including team formation, viabiltiy of alternate teams, alternative teams (low tier), and much more. Nostalgic and informative.
Bunkei with the clutch recording and link. THANK YOU FOR THIS RECORDING!

[07/31/2009] Thursday July 30th 10 p.m. ET / 7 PT - Post Evolution Edition ! Topic for this show is obviously Evo + Aftermath. I was joined by Toshin, and we basically just went down the list and recounted awesome Evolution 2009 memories, from breakfast buffets, to pool play. SF4 Invititational, the Rio’s topless pool, Evo standout performances, unsung heroes, and more. A great way to seal off the hype that was this years National Championships!
Megathanks to everyone that watched the stream! We appreciate the feedback!

[07/14/09] @ ~11:30 E.S.T.! Pre-Evo Hype FINALE The last in our series of pre-evo hype, this Tuesday we’ll have top U.S. SF4 and GG player Marneto, fresh from his trip to Japan. Marn shared his details of his experiences in Japan, first-hand accounts between the differences in skill levels worldwide, and his Evo predictions (top 8 and 5 on 5!). A great game of Over/Under, and some unscheduled trash-talk round out an entertaining evening.

** 07/12/09 - EC Pop-OFF! Evo Edition ** Continuing the theme of the pre-evo tournament, tourney veteran Arturo Sanchez shared his thoughts on the upcoming Evolution SF4 tourney, the state of SF4 skill level in America vs Japan, EC vs WC, and more!! Also known for the tremendous hype he brings to events, this show should was filled with drama and a good deal of trash-talk too. Over/under, top 8 at evo, and the REAL DEAL on Daigo Umerhara?! Give this one a listen! Bunk’s uploaded (Megaupload) Mirror - * missing last ~10 minutes. Better than me talking to myself for 2 hours!!

-Thanks to Toshin with the upload assist. Unfortunately the upload assisted yet another of my botched attempts at recording. Forgot to check the tape.
-Double thanks to Ben with the recording back-up and providing a new link.
-VERY special thanks to Upas for staying up late and recording this one and chopping it up. That copy should be good!

The pre-evo tune-up w/ Viscant went well, but Audacity crashed on me. No recording.

AlphaISM Radio - July 08 - 2009 - “Ponder This” Guest Host: Bunkei, Co-Host: skisonic, Guest: Ponder. Ben reprises his role as host for a night as Ponder steps in to talk SF for a night with Evo impending. Topics are GGPO’s past, present, and future; Evo of course, plans for scheduling and live-stream, advice for first timers, advice for players, and tons more. Don’t miss this one.

AlphaISM Radio - June 22, 2009 - “Evolution Edition” : Guests included: Hav, Keits, Bunkei, MrWizard. Really fun show! Unfortunately a portion of the recording was lost :sad:

AlphaISM Radio - June 16, 2009: Guests included: Sanford, Alex Valle, D’Nyce, Bunkei, nothingxs, Marn, Floe, and more! GREAT SHOW!

Note: Past podcasts can be downloaded here.

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passes the torch to ski

Make me proud my friend.


Here’s the link to Tuesday’s “surprise” show. Guests included: Sanford, Alex Valle, myself, nothingxs, Marn, Floe, and more! Hosted by D’Nyce. GREAT SHOW!

Awesome show! Loved the dramedy. Keep it up guys!

hey nigga you ain’t doing the show no more

bunk has his own show man.


nice, i’ll check this out.

People keep bringing up rankings:


This was an interesting idea somebody had last year to rank players based on who they actually beat from tournament to tournament.

The rankings are dynamic, and change with every match. So, if you beat Mike Watson, who just beat Gootecks, your ranking not only reflects that you beat Watson, but you beat a player that beat Gootecks, who has beaten LI Joe… so on and so on.

It’s kinda like CE Mode, but much more in depth.

Looking at the old thread, the major site that is linked in there is no longer up, but if we can resurrect this, we can apply it to SF4, for the tournaments that we do have results for, and take it into the future.

Hi everyone,

It was a great show. Thanks to all who participated, that includes those who asked questions most definitely.

I’m sorry to say that my my recording did indeed get corrupted. I missed the last hour of the show. Did anyone happen to record the show? If not I don’t get any responses I guess I’ll upload the broken mp3 eventually. It’s too bad… I missed a lot of good stuff. sorry.

Ah man I really wanted to listen to this podcast. :frowning:

I’ve been saying this for 2 or so years now. I’ve even made a couple threads for it (before SF4 came out), but the answers I received were “rankings don’t matter, we already know who the best players are by looking at the top 3 results.” I had a suspicion that something like this would come up.

The algorithm uses the one similar to the Xbox Live TrueSkill system. Here are some links explaining the system.


You can also ask Julien Beasley (Zass) about the system, I think he’ll be happy to explain it.

Yep. Last 60 minutes of the 6/22 Evo edition show is lost forever. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded what I had and added a short recap at the end.



Its just a rar file with mp3s in it dude. PS valle is like the wisest cat on the block. PPS good stuff on these, i wasn’t aware they were still going untill stumbling onto this sub forum though seeing as i was following the sf4 thread, prob shoulda made that more clear, ah well doesn’t matter.

The link is not working, can someone please update it?

The site’s down, probably have to try again later.

Skisonic you’re doing a swell job, hi bunk also.

I enjoyed the show. Didn’t really get Sanford’s logic though…

“shoto constant” was such a clever joke :rofl:

good show!