Alpha Dan vs. V-ISM Dan

Assuming HSFA: which pick is better for Dan?

You’ll notice that I left out every other possibility. :rofl: SFA2/2G/X-ISM/A-ISM/S-ISM Dan just can’t cut it IMHO.

He isn’t bad in A2/A2G isms… But of those two i’d go with A1 Dan.

Pick Alpha 1 Dan he’s to good.

I figured the unanimous answer was gonna be A1 Dan. :rofl: :tup:

Alpha 1 Dan for the huge damage boost and chain combos. V-ISM Dan could still beat him, but he wouldn’t be my first choice.

A1 Dan for the win. s/c.HP -> qcb + HK for 40% damage? QCB + HK almost unpunishable? A shoto axe kick that can be done at any time (s.HK) that beats everything and magically gets 20% more range when it comes down? A completely safe L1 super that does good damage (L1 qcb,qcb + K)? Not to mention he has more good shoto normals (c.LP, c.MP), unlike the other Dans. A1 Dan is the only Dan that’s worth using.

A1 Dan, bitches. Hitting qcb+HK in corner w/meter= juggled by super

I think that pretty much settles it.
A1 Dan is the man. :nunchuck: