Alpha 3: Strategies against Bison (Dictator)

I can’t beat this guy!!! I use mostly A-Guy, V-Cammy, A-Gief, and V-Akuma and I can’t beat him! Anyone have any good strategies against Bison with these characters i use?

I face these good Bisons in Alpha 2 and 3 in GGPO (Chrono, Brasco, Prof.D)

For A-guy, this one awesome player in Korea screen name: Prof. D is soo good with Bison. He keeps on throwing fireballs as pressure tactics then jumping in with fierce.

Is there a way to counter Bison’s diving punch thingy for his charge down , up + any kick, then punch for his diving punch thingy?

Bison is soo freakin big and fast! He’s unstoppable!


I can tip you for Alpha 3:

When he uses his special, block as fast as you can.
Also if he annoys you with the combos that he makes, try air attacks.

In Alpha 2 just alpha counter or cc


i’d say ur best call was gief. you can easily counter bisons air attacks with lariat, even supers can be countered. though spamming lariat will only get u killed so good timing always ^^ and try not to be too easy to read. spamming giefs splashes will also get u killed, because of bisons super… though it requires extremely good reflexes to use those supers effectively so jump-ins usually work well. thoe in the corner you can easily rape bison with splashes :smiley: v-gief has a great anti-air vc… and if he’s just doin fake jump-ins, you can grab him with 360. don’t know how the heck am i to talk, i just got my gief raped by bison haha… oh well but still.

I’ve had ok luck with V-cammy, the anti air vc is your best friend, if he goes for the punch dive, activate late and vc him. Here are some other general tips. If he stomps from afar try early jump and throw or a high hitting air normal. If he head stomps from close you can block it and then go for air throw or jump straight up and hit him. He seems very succeptable to a rush down game, if you can get close keep on him, he’s alot like rolento when cornered except hes got the wake up warp. With akuma if bison is airborn use your air hurricane, not grounded though as his st.fierce will nail you every time.