Alpha 3 matchup problems

Can anyone shine a light on what happened? Twice now I played someone who could stuff my jumps with low mp, one player was using Gen, the other Guy. Sometimes I can stuff some jumps with rose low MP but these guys were stuffing Zangief splash, how is that even possible? How can a low MP have more priority than gief’s splash jump? A antiair special, ok, but just a low mp? I tried to jump splash, stuffed, tried jumping with superman punch, stuffed, walked forward, kicked to keep me away, what could I even do in this situation?

Also, how come when I am able to make a counter hit and jump in to do another attack the other guy can air recover and attack me before I can attack him? Why am I being punished for knocking him into the air and getting myself into a favorable position?

Another thing, how jumps even work? I mean, when both players jump at each other at the same time, is it just random who gets to hit who? Is it the guy who jumps attacking who wins? Is the guy who attacks while in the air who wins? The light attacks have priority over the strong and fierce? Do the position of the limbs of the character (if it is pointing down, up, front) even matters in the air? I was always under the idea that it was just for cosmetic reasons, but now I have my doubts. It seems far too random.

I like this game but these things and some others make me cry.