Alpha 3: Balrog (Boxer) Thread

I can’t recall seeing a thread devoted to him, and if there was one, I’m sure it’s probably long since disappeared. I’m sure there are some folks out there who had a chance to work with him in Alpha 3, and hopefully, you’ll feel free to post strats., combos, good/bad match-ups, etc…

I’d like to know too. Using him in CVS2 has rekindled my interest in him.

Apoc biting. Lol. Why don’t you ask Apoc yourselves?

Sounds easy enough. What’s…an Apoc?

c.Jab x2, FP Headbutt = B&B

s.FP, c./s.Jab, c.MP, c.MK are his most used pokes

A/X = Best -Isms

Apoc uses Bison in A3? Anyway, are there any other combos besides the headbutt one?

rotflmao:lol: whats an apoc…too funny:lol: Apoc is a person, a guy who uses balrog.

Well, you can combo either one of his supers from c.Jabs…

You can also do like c.Jab x2, Dash sweep (b, df+p)

Ah…yes. The standing fierce: so much chin-music for people who thought they were safe because they had a little distance in the middle, and Balrog wasn’t dashing at them. Standing uppercut normal ( D+FP) has some good priority, too. I use that if I don’t have time for the Headbutt, or the Dashing Upper.

I’ve used the standing fierce to eat some time between Dashing Straights on occasion; if I connect with the punch, I add another DS or go right into the super.

I have to agree when it comes to A/X-ism Balrog; half of the damage I do comes from normals, and they’re usually at their most damaging in either of those modes. Has anyone found a way to pull off an effective V-ism Balrog? I can’t remember what moves he either gains or loses. I never use him.

I have a question about balrog. how do you play as him?

HAHA! What’s an Apoc? Too good.

I am sure he’ll be happy to provide some strats the next time he pops online…

I can’t remember whether or not this was possible in Alpha 3, but since the regular Headbutt throw sent your opponent up at a slight angle, was it possible to follow that with a charged super? I don’t know whether or not the computer continues to recognize the charge while you’re in mid-throw, but if it really is possible to tag them with a super at the end, I’d love to know.