Allegiant Airlines Early Bird Sale $45.68 - $130.68 RT w/tax to Vegas

Allegiant Specials | Book Early and Save Big - Sale Ends January 19, 2011!

Jacked from since it applies for EVO 2K11
Must be purchased by Jan. 26, for travel between May 18- Aug. 16.
These are airports they service

Allentown, PA from $39.99*
Appleton, WI from $69.99*
Bakersfield, CA from $29.99*
Bangor, ME from $99.99*
Bellingham, WA from $59.99*
Billings, MT from $59.99*
Bismarck, ND from $69.99*
Bozeman, MT from $49.99*
Casper, WY from $39.99*
Cedar Rapids, IA from $64.99*
Chattanooga, TN from $39.99*
Colorado Springs, CO from $39.99*
Des Moines, IA from $64.99*
Duluth, MN from $79.99*
Elmira-Corning, NY from $64.99*
Eugene, OR from $44.99*
Fargo, ND from $74.99*
Fort Collins/Loveland, CO from $39.99*
Fort Lauderdale, FL from $29.99*
Fort Meyers/Punta Gorda, FL from $29.99*
Fort Wayne, IN from $39.99*
Fresno, CA from $34.99*
Grand Forks, ND from $59.99*
Grand Island, NE from $49.99*
Grand Junction, CO from $34.99*
Grand Rapids, MI from $39.99*
Great Falls, MT from $59.99*
Greensboro, NC from $39.99*
Greenville-Spartanburg, SC from $29.99*
Huntington (Tri-State), WV from $39.99*
Idaho Falls, ID from $39.99*
Kalispell, MT from $54.99*
Knoxville, TN from $24.99*
Laredo, TX from $79.99*
Las Vegas, NV from $19.99*
Lexington, KY from $44.99*
Long Beach, CA from $24.99*
Los Angeles, CA from $54.99*
McAllen, TX from $79.99*
Medford, OR from $44.99*
Minot, ND from $69.99*
Missoula, MT from $54.99*
Moline, IL from $79.99*
Monterey, CA from $34.99*
Myrtle Beach, SC from $24.99*
Northwest Arkansas from $49.99*
Orlando, FL from $29.99*
Owensboro, KY from $49.99*
Palm Springs, CA from $69.99*
Pasco (Tri-Cities), WA from $49.99*
Peoria, IL from $64.99*
Phoenix-Mesa, AZ from $39.99*
Plattsburgh, NY from $89.99*
Pueblo, CO from $54.99*
Rapid City, SD from $54.99*
Redmond/Bend, OR from $39.99*
Roanoke, VA from $39.99*
Rockford, IL from $64.99*
San Diego, CA from $64.99*
San Francisco/Oakland, CA from $44.99*
Santa Maria, CA from $34.99*
Savannah, GA from $29.99*
Shreveport, LA from $94.99*
Sioux Falls, SD from $64.99*
South Bend, IN from $64.99*
Springfield-Branson, MO from $54.99*
Stockton, CA from $39.99*
Tampa/St. Pete, FL from $39.99*
Toledo, OH from $59.99*
Tri-Cities, TN from $44.99*
Twin Falls, ID from $19.99*
Wichita, KS from $59.99*
Wilmington, NC from $29.99*
Youngstown, OH from $39.99*

You need to check to see if your airport goes to Las Vegas.

My mom flies this airline to San Diego-Monterey often, only downside is you have to pay for your bags.

Example that I am looking at
Monterey to Las Vegas 7/28 $44.99+taxes
Las Vegas to Monterey 8/1 $54.99+taxes

Got really excited when I saw this, but apparently this is only applies to airports west of the Mississippi going to Vegas. None of the East Coast airports have the option to go there. :sad:

Allegiant is my favorite airline. Hardly ever crowded (one evening flight had 5-6 people tops, no homo), and flown them numerous times.

Unfortunately, they do only operate in the west.

same here got excited till i realized what the date was :mad: