All you old fogeys here at SRK, here's a blast from the past - The Ultimate Video Rumble!

Chances are unless you’ve been around SRK since the early 2000’s or even further back with the newsgroup, you’ve never heard of Ultimate Video Rumble. It was a series of votefics that began in 1994 by Christopher “Birdman” Bird. The idea behind it was a battle royal style match involving over a hundred different fighting game characters, where the readers would influence the results, to comedic effect. The series ended with UVR3 in 2006, though a number of the old fans may have never seen said conclusion, as this fic was spread across several websites over its 9 year production, and a number of chapters thought long lost.

Well, I managed to track them all down and archive them on FFNet. For fans new and old, I present to you: The Ultimate Video Rumble Trilogy.