All time favorite ambiguous crossup?

Inspired by Mariodood’s Gimmik thread, what are SRK’s favorite ambiguous crossups?

I’ll start with the one I stole from the Kuroda/Ino vids.

Gouki hits a shoto with a ground SA1 (all setups/ hit confirms/ punishes/ fuck even cr mk, lk tats, lp srk xx SA1 works) as soon as Gouki recovers wiff a standing mp as they fall (timing for this is tight so it’s best to double or triple tap the mp to make sure it comes out ASAP), as soon as the mp finishes dash toward the downed shoto and execute a RH demon flip (again there must be virtually no gaps between the mp, dash and the demon flip).

If done fast enough Gouki will land on the other side of the shoto right as he wakes up if the demon flip is empty canceled with a kick, however if he does a dive kick at the last possible second he will hit the shoto in front without crossing up with the most possible frame advantage. This dive kick will also stuff anything it can although it isn’t much unfortunately.

Pro Tip: This setup also works on Chun and Makoto if you replace the far standing mp after the SA1 with a cr. Hp, since both Chun and Makoto both rise slower.
In fact Chun gets up so slow that you can really just dash up once then walk up a bit and do a RH demon flip and it usually works anyway as the timing on her is so lenient.

That’s awesome. I like that. Based on the mechanics of your setup, I believe this is a Player1-only cross up. I don’t think this will cross up if you’re 2nd player.

Oddly enough Ive only tested this as Player 2 (other games don’t like the HRAP being in controller port 1 :sad: )

ken’s post shippu walk up regular jumping fwd ambiguous crossup is dirty…

Kuroda’s crossup is insane, I still can’t do it, the timing is way to strict, but when I saw it vs Ino, I was like… wtf. What a crossup

My favorite cross-up thus far, albeit not ambiguous, is Gouki’s short tatsu(combo’d from whatever), cr. jab, dash forward… you cross under the idiot and ideally the best option I’ve seen(wtg Kuroda) is cl. mk linked into SA1, although you have a plethora of mixup from that position.

Ambiguous? Ken vs Shoto post SA3, st. mp, superjump across… I’m not sure how it works because I’m not diehard about the mechanics but it would make sense if it’s character side specific for the actual crossup as sometimes it doesn’t work.


after super
dash forward, walk back a pixel, jump forward.

all of chun’s post sa2 lk reset walking ambiguous crossups. the dirtiest is probably vs. necro but its plenty dirty vs. everyone else too.

why do some cross ups only work on one side?


1-after a c.short x jab denpa xx sa3…vs some chars (not work on chunli, ibuki and is
hard of do in shotos and oro) you can super jump after this…vs some char after this you have enough time for do a meaty UOH intro other move (like b.short>s.strong or b.strong) this work on (makoto , urien and shotos)

2-after any sa3 (in midscreen) you can dash >walk forward and do a roundhouse drill kick whiff cross up …this work on chars who stand up slow like shotos , chunli urien…etc not work in yun , yang , dudley for example

3-after a b.fierce you can walk forward a bit and s.jab>dash under…this work in every char but is practical only in Q , hugo and urien because is more easy of do

4- after any nockdown in yun yang chunli and remy you can UOH cross up

i have more info abut dash cross ups whit necro and some tricky hit cross ups if someone want hear about this i post later