All stick makers.... Report to this thread asap

Ok, I am going to update the custom stick builder thread. If you have your own thread where you take orders for sticks, please post in here with this format…

Location -
what custom you do - (ie, build all sticks, jap sticks, mas sticks, cases only etc…)
average price -
website - (either your SRK thread link, or if you have your own site, post both)

If you don’t post in this thread, you will NOT be in “Official Custom Stick Makers” Thread.

So if you know a custom stick maker, tell them to report in this thread or else they won’t be part of the stickied thread at the top.

Hit them up in Tech Talk also Megaman.

**SoujiStiks- Quality Custom Joysticks and Cases **

Location: Chandler AZ USA
What custom you do: All Joysticks, Keysticks, Japanese, American, Korean completed sticks and custom blanks
Average price: Blanks 85-200.00 usd / Completed Sticks 250-395.00usd
SRK Website:
External Website: Home Page

Networkingyuppy/ Ben Fong-Tinker Tot Tronics

Location: New York City/NY USA
Custom Work Experiences: PCB Custom Dual/Triple/ETC Wiring/ Arcade controller assembly and Modifications/ Art Layout Design
Average price: $60-150 based on preferences for electronic wiring, assembly and design.

Mkpcustoms- Quality custom arcade sticks and modding

Location: Federal Way, Washington
What custom you do: All Joysticks, Japanese, American, Korean completed sticks and custom blanks, Duel mod, and plexi panels
Average price: Case 100-125usd / Completed Sticks 210.00/310.00 usd
SRK Website:
External Website: [About | MKP Customs](

I do everything(japanese,korean,american,hitbox)
Will do just case or full blown customs
Blank case pricinf ranges from $75-200 depending on wood
Full wired customs…:175-500
Also do leds and custom balltops

St. Louis
Japanese or hitbox
Blanks or full wired
Ranging from 75$–300$
Will also do local dual modding on 360 TE’s

This won’t be stickied forever so if you’re a CSM make sure you get your info in here! Most of the people from SBA appear to be retired or on hiatus

i always thought NOT sticky’ing important threads is more useful because people ignore the stickied threads at the top

I guess I’ll put my name up here.

I am going to produce a small run of mini stick cases as well. If interested keep an eye on this thread.
left 3D mockup. right actual stick of similar design but will share the same dimensions.

I am the only person I’ve seen willing to make a Franken Fightpad for you D-pad warriors out there on commission.

Location - Mountain View, CA (N. Cal)
what custom you do - Franken Fightpads
average price - $150-$200
website - None. Must PM me directly. I don’t put up a trade forum since I don’t want to be slammed with orders. I only have the ability to make 1 of these every 2 months.
edit: Having a thread is actually better because I don’t have to answer so many questions over and over.

haha true but hopefully we can get some vets back in here, at one time the TO was filled with a numerous number of CSM and some upcoming. I’d like to see those days again, I know there’s some builders in TT that don’t venture the TO much

voltech posted on the same thread, that was posted in tech talk.

just a heads up

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J&J So Cal Modding

Location: so cal 714.
Type of work: BAMF Wiring in stick boxes, TEs /HRAP, joystick repairs, stick maintenance.
Average Price: $60 plus parts
SRK page:

RoninWarrior Customs (soon to be RoninWarriorX sticks)
:loc. (Greene County) Pittsburgh, PA _ USA
:Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ, IL cases
:mainly PS3
:acrylic panels 2 pieces of 3/16 or .220 for CP
:full wiring, decent with LED’s
:can make pretty much whatever but I like to stick to my own designs,

will have RoninWarriorX sticks RWX-01’s r coming soon
traditional rwc case with art I make and that?s about it
fully customizable

You can find me in the Tech Talk forums

Location - Texas
what custom you do - Build budget DIY arcade cases
average price - $30 - $40
website -

I only make sticks every once in a while now, probably once every 1 - 2 months.

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