All sold

[s]I have a complete in box XRGB 2 Plus. i am the original owner and bought it in japan many years ago. All original adapter cables, power supply and remote will be included.

It is still the lowest latency XRGB ever made, with a sub 6ms latency. Very few other scalers offer such a quick response time.

It converts video signal to 480p over VGA, so it is ideal for use with a CRT, but I also thought it looked great using on my 50" 1080p which does have a VGA input. Sound output is offered by 3.5mm stereo output.

I am hoping to get 180 shipped o.b.o. in the USA or 225 shipped internationally.[/s] sold to AmedoS310 !!!

I also have JP SCART cables for almost every older console. PM me if you are looking for one.

All scart cables bought. thank you!

Free bump for a great seller.

Just adding my $0.02 from my own experience that this a great VGA box, I think @Darksakul , rocks one of these too.

Hella inputs, low latency, scan lines, remote control, also (at least mine is) pretty indestructible, lastly this is a fair to great price.

XRGB 2 Plus sold. only the SCART cables left!