[all sold]

SE Case - m0stw8nt3d
MvC TE stick 360 yellow/dark hai - capsnikerz
Octo Gate - Outkast
EX 2 Case - Kasprfoto
360 SE PCB - La(Rence)
JLF + 6 semitsu - Winchester
360 TE PCB - Ragnorok64

added some new items

photos dont work

fixed, i hope

I’ll trade you a PS3 SE pcb for the EX2 case setup. Lemme know

Does that TE PCB include the control panel?

To Ragnorok: yes

PM replied to kasp



If the sale doesn’t go through with Ragnorok please let me know as I’m interested.

Updated with picture of 360 TE PCB of what you will be getting

I’ll let you know NSX, if Ragnorok doesn’t want it, thanks

added a couple of 360 Marvel TE sticks

price drop and SE case added

Would you be willing to part out one of your MvC2 TE’s? I need Black sides. I would be willing to trade you white sides so you still have a complete stick and still pay you for the Black sides. I am this close to using gloss black vinyl dye on my white TE sides but not sure it will come out as clean as I would like. PM me with an offer if you are interested.

ill buy the marvel te stick pmed!

PM, replied

sorry, I’m not going to part these MvC sticks out

MvC yellow/dark hai sold to capsnikerz

1 left with red/white ball and buttons

PM sent.