All sold~ thanks!

microsoft live points - all sold!

Redemption Link:

Payment: Paypal instant transfer/ balance only.

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Info on pricing:

How many do you have?

More details?


Each code is good for 160 xbox live points. You use them on xbox live service to purchase games, extras, etc.

You need to sell us on these because I probably would have bought some if you hyped it up. How much are we saving versus buying from Microsoft, etc?

Microsoft points cards are sold at 1600 —> $20

Microsoft and sells point cards of 1600 points for $19.99 USD

This works out to $0.01249375 USD per point.

If you’re selling them at $1.60 per 160 points, that’s $0.01 USD per point. which is about a 20% discount off of the MSRP.

Just a cost analysis for those of you looking to buy some haha, it’s a not bad deal. If you could go a bit lower, I wouldn’t mind taking 20+ off your hands :smiley:

Hope this helps some of you other SRK cheapasses out there :3

thanks for doing the math for them.

Also, if you’re looking to buy something specific, it’s a good way to to get only the amount of points you need.

And FYI, It’s also better than any prices you can get on eBay. There are a few rare auctions where people sell 10,000 points for under $100.00 USD but those aren’t too common and it’s also kinda insane to buy 10,000 points all at once lol.

Shipping is free everywhere because the codes are just emailed to you.

Good luck with the sales.

Etown with the math skillz lol

I know bro, someone who knows how to divide, it’s crazy. :wink:

This is a great deal for anyone who is pissed that they only need like 100 or so points to get something they want. I seriously cannot count the number of times this has happened to me, and if you’ve still got these around when I need it I will be back here.

you rarely see a deal like this for points. i got mine from kmart on clearance but that was because they’re going out of business in my area. outside of that you wont see points on sale almost everrrr

The easier way to think of this is –

if you buy 10 of these, it’s 16 bucks as opposed to 20 bucks at Amazon.

These only work for US accounts right? Wouldn’t work for us poor Canadians?

No such thing as “universal” xbox live cards/codes as far as I know.

got 6 codes for my cousin just now. sent him the money and he immediately gave me the codes and they worked! thanks.

As far as I know, they are universal and should work on any xbox360 console. Don’t take my word for it though, as I’m not 100% sure, but I know American codes will work on Canadian consoles.

If you purchased xbox live codes (several have), please leave feedback after purchasing and redeeming~ I’ll do the same ASAP (SRK only allows leaving 1 itrader feedback per 24 hour period)

Do you still have plenty of these? I need 800 (5x160) to buy the new Uno game for my girl. Send over your PayPal info and I’ll get you paid.

Edit: Bought 5 codes and the transaction was very quick. Highly recommended to anyone else looking for points.

Extremely fast. Trusted seller.

Do not hesitate to buy from this guy, I’ll probably get more tomorrow