--- All night Lock-In featuring SF4 on freeplay! (Northern Virginia) 12/13/2008 ---

Saturday, December 13, 2008 8PM
UNTIL Sunday, December 14, 2008 9AM

44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147

$15 cover fee

An overnight session of casual or intense gaming. Street Fighter 4 will be there in full effect for those having a hard time getting to somewhere that has it.

Come out to meet up with other players from all over for some quality gaming! Everyone’s invited, especially those who want to get some intimate time with Street Fighter 4!

There will be other game setups for those who want to get in some other action such as HD Remix, 3rd Strike, Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear, and of course, MVC2!!!

Rock Band available as well!

There will be many tvs/monitors for BYOC

CHICKEN MATCH RULES AND REGULATIONS: 2 teams/2 captains, round robin format
Everyone will play everyone 2/3 in the following games: CVS2–MVC2–3S–STHD–SF4
This matchup is free so dont be worried if you have not ever played some of these titles!!!

Just come out to have fun and hang out with some of the East Coast top players!!!

Keep checking back for more updates

Ill be here with some peeps. SF4 MM’s? GOGOGO

Oh yeah LETS GET IT IN!!!




As much as I’d love to… it’s my GF’s birthday that weekend… so somebody else gets to win the first C3 SF4 tournament. You’re welcome Justin.

I would be so clutch in the team chicken match too… but oh well.

dec 12 is a friday and dec 13 is a saturday. is this thing fri(12th) into sat(13th) or sat(13th) into sun(14th).

the areas #1 should be there ride pending.

I nominate chicken match captains to be b1g and nken.

no limit on entrants and locals only.

Do I count as local?

of course, but these are just my suggestions. its their chicken match this time not mine.


What’s a chicken match?

we all get a chicken and we have to choke it and such. the first one to beat it, wins.

So the Ultimate Chicken Match will consist of:

cvs2/3rd/mvc2/sthd/sf4…Locals only/no cap…we will divide everyone participating into 2 groups

and it is on the 13th SAT night to 14 SUN morning

Also we will have Battle Fantasia & MKvsDC


Oh and the Ultimate Chicken Match will be fully recorded


i cant participate in chicken match? :frowning:

only if you are on my team

I wish I was home for this one, because i’ve been playing sf4 for 6 months now hahahaha

suckaz. My boxer knows no bounds. most certainly when it comes to free chicken.

I’ll be there with my gf. I hope.

do i count as local?:wonder::rofl:

ill be there with heads though. SUPPORT THE SCENE!!!:woot:

Ok listen…whoever shows up is in the ULTIMATE chicken match…if they want to be…non-local/local invited to play in it…Justin is more than welcome to participate…and Spiff & friends as well…again I urge u too come out and have a crazy time wit this overnight session/gathering!!!

Rules of the Chicken Match starts at 11pm…sign up is free…round robin style(everyone plays everyone 2/3)the winning team can order up to $10 per head!!
Losing team will flip the bill!! IHOP is the prize…

PS If u have not seen SF4 in RL…u are missing out on what cold be the best Capcom Title to date!

Now im just deciding who will be captains…is Big asian and Nken available for this priveledge?

Plz let me know…if not we can decide that night…again this format pushes everyone to play their best…cuz 1 or 2 players cannot win it all…its a team event…total team score wins…


And for all those who know wuts good…we will have 4 stations runnin LEFT FOR DEAD…ZOMBIE TIME SON!!!

you know i will be there. Also whats good with some STHD and Left 4 Dead :smiley:

and hit me up for some pre sf4 practice so i can be helpful. Unless you want me playing Blanka ST style.

as a rule whoever picks justin first has to also pick me second. its official.

im not sure if you know this but NEC champions all get on the same team… i mean you can come on board as like 3rd round pick??

edit for clarification: thats B1gAZN (captain), Justin, Me