"All-New" "Revolutionary" Gem System

<Novril_tataki>: in chaos breaker you could take even 1 character and 3 items
<Novril_tataki>: they had both passive and active effects and they gave you varied stuff like extra supers, healing, buffs, invisibility etc. etc.
<Novril_tataki>: how is capcom’s a “revolution” when it comes 8 years after CB

Not to mention every aspect in CB was built for pure arcade-like competitive play.
You didn’t need to unlock the items. You didn’t need to buy a special edition to get them. You didn’t need to pre-order to get them etc. etc.

theres already a thread about this

A thread about the front page of SRK functioning as an uninformed PR machine?
I must have missed it…

you sure did


good job missing the point…

Dude are you really going to make a thread about this. There were gems in Bloody Roar too. By the way, anyone can just say the All-new part is for “all new to Capcom games” and the “revolutionary” part is for how much it will change the game from the Capcom norm. There’s a million ways to go about it, but you have some kind of a point I’m missing so good luck with that.

Who goes to SRK for the front page news? :wtf:

This seems more like a thread about the front page than anything in game.