"All He needs is one Shot": the Golgo 13 thread

This thread is dedicated to fans of Golgo 13 one of the best assassin, spy mangas I have ever read.

Oh Man I prefer the anime

esp when you I remember the tag line ‘‘he makes the impossible, possible’’

For a lot of us, Golgo 13 on the NES was the first overtly sexual thing we saw in media.

I was like 6 with that game, and I didn’t even know what happened.

Golgo is boss. Fuck fly assassin bitches on the first date. Snipe them off later make bank.

Duke be living the American Dream!

Is the tv anime as good as the old movie? Which one’s are worth seeing

Anything involving Duke Togo is worth seeing.

The dude is manliness personified. The manga was awesome and the movies and ongoing are great too. :rock:

I wish they made a MGS type game with Duke again.

Their is a Golgo 13 game out for the nintendo DS with no sex, or graphic violence. This is game is worhless its one of those book style games.Time for me to go check out the samples ( kill the maker of this game)

All I know is the nigga shot through a building to have the bullet go into another building. It was bananas to me when I saw it. And he killed Gold and Silver…GOLD AND SILVER!

Golgo 13 is the man its all fun and games until you stand behind him. Dude is like the keyser soze of assassins for real. The Manga was ahead of its time and to this day its timeless that says something when its over 40 something years old. Dude paved the way for Solid Snake,and other spies to this day.

where is will gotti and his golgo av

Where can I watch the episodes? I watched the first two at Anime Media, but they don’t have the third.

I’ve been watching them on youtube.

This guy seems to have quite a few = http://www.youtube.com/user/gfrancisjames#g/u

Look across to second building

zoom in


Thanks homes, I wish I could rep you for this

Haha, I had this game too. I was like, “What happened? Oh, I got all my health back, sweet.” The game itself wasn’t great but it had some interesting ideas like the sniper stages. I had no idea it was based on an anime/manga until years later.

Yeah, that building thing was awesome. It’s been a while though… Gold and Silver, were they those two dudes he fought at teh end who squeezed his balls?

It’s annoying watching the episodes, because you can only watch a few of them at a time. All the vids are through Megavideo.

I’m on episode 23…is 26 the last one?

er they squezzed his hip which got shot earlier, what sort of homo shit are you thinking of ?

I don’t understand why Golgo 13 isn’t just a floating sniper-gun.

The show would be much more hilarious and no interesting characterization would be lost.

And the sex scenes would be even better!

Golgo is hella pimp, I haven’t gotten far but, from what I’ve already read, shit is TOO good. I need to get back on it as to not be behind.