All Evo 2k4 vids ... POST IN HERE

ok, i started to break apart the vids i recorded and some are up online. here u go.

** ALL OF DJB 13 Matches are fixed **
Marvel vs Capcom 2

[Ace vs Issac (casual)]( vs Issac (casual).wmv)

[DJB 13 vs Takayuki (casual)]( 13 vs Takayuki (casual).wmv)

[Hell from above vs i dunno(casual)]( from above.wmv)

[Issac vs Takayuki (casual)]( vs Takayuki (casual).wmv)

[Kaising vs DJB 13 (1,2,3 of 3)]( vs DJB 13 (1,2,3 of 3).wmv)

[Kaising vs Takayuki (casual)]( vs Takayuki (casual).wmv)

MegamanDS vs Hawaiian Ryan(casual)

[MegamanDS vs The Matrix (casual)]( vs The Matrix (casual).wmv)

[The Matrix vs Takayuki (casual)]( Matrix vs Takayuki (casual).wmv)

EDIT: new batch #1       

[DJB 13 vs Takayuki (casual #2)]( 13 vs Takayuki (casual 2).wmv)

[Soo Mighty vs Takayuki (1,2,3 of 3)]( Mighty vs Takayuki (1,2,3 of 3).wmv)

[DJB 13 vs Takayuki (casual #3)]( 13 vs Takayuki (casual 3).wmv)

EDIT: new batch #2       

[Chunksta vs Takayuki (casual)]( vs Takayuki (casual).wmv)

[CJ vs Takayuki (casual)]( vs Takayuki (casual).wmv)

[DJB 13 vs Takayuki (casual #4)]( 13 vs Takayuki (casual 4).wmv)

[Junior B vs Takayuki (casual)]( B vs Takayuki (casual).wmv)

[Randy Lew vs Takayuki (casual)]( Lew vs Takayuki (casual).wmv)

[Soo Mighty vs Takayuki (1,2,3,4 of 4)]( Mighty vs Takayuki (1,2,3,4 of 4).wmv)

EDIT: new batch #3       

its me usin some MSP, if i am playing u, please post here so i can make the adjustments. my camera man was to stupid to take names.

[Someone vs MegamanDS (1,2 of 2)]( vs MegamanDS (1,2 of 2).wmv)

[MegamanDS vs someone (1,2 of 2)]( vs someone (1,2 of 2).wmv)

[MegamanDS vs someone2 (1,2 of 2)]( vs someone2 (1,2 of 2).wmv)

[MegamanDS vs someone3 (casual)]( vs someone3 (casual).wmv)

me getting my ass beat
[Someone2 vs MegamanDS (casual)]( vs MegamanDS (casual).wmv)

new batch #4

[Ace vs dcstatic (casual)]( vs dcstatic (casual).wmv)

[Ace vs Issac (casual) 3]( vs Issac (casual) 3.wmv)

[Ace vs Issac (casual) 2]( vs issac (casual) 2.wmv)

[Ace vs kaising (casual)]( vs kaising (casual).wmv)

[Ace vs shady K(casual)]( vs shady (casual).wmv)

[Mike vs MagnetoX (casual)]( vs MagnetoX (casual).wmv)

[Shady K vs DC_Static (casual)]( vs dcstatic (casual).wmv)

[VegitaX vs Charlie Goblyn]( vs Charlie Goblyn.wmv)

[VegitaX vs DC static (casual)]( vs DC static (casual).wmv)

last and final batch.
[Justin Wong vs Carnevil (1,2,3 of 3 money)]( Wong vs Carnevil (1,2,3 of 3 money).wmv)

[Justin Wong vs VegitaX (1,2,3,4 of 4 money)]( Wong vs VegitaX (1,2,3,4 of 4 money).wmv)

[Soo Mighty vs Justin Wong (1,2,3 of 3)]( Mighty vs Justin Wong (1,2,3 of 3).wmv)

right click save as please to save bandwith

i will bump each time i update.

EDIT: i apologize now for any name errors. please tell me if those are the wrong players.

my AIM is megamandan if u have questions or comments.

Dj’s Dhaslim is pretty dope…


Good shit dan, brings back memorys. good thing i brought the DC that day. and everyone was waiting to get at takayuki, the list was mad long. shot out to matrix who held the DC down so it wouldnt get jacked, good looking out homie. and GG’s to everyone i played that day, shit was to real phor me

~The Rillest~


i concur

yo that was some nice shit!
bring us more!
I looks like yall were usin a Dreamcast, luckily I still got mine with MvC2…

Mag , sent and storm seem to be very popular characters, lol.
nice to see a good dalsim…

Thanks for hosting these great vids! It will give me some insight of EVO2004, since I did not attend it.

thanks for the vids, anyone have any cvs2?

I hate console. but those were still some fun ass matches. Thanks for recording that shit danny.

That was some mad nice shit. Thanks! I really enjoyed those Takayuki matches. And yeah, DJB’s Dhalsim is serious. :eek:

Nice! Thank you. And thanks to Gandido too, his eternally-up webspace is HERO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, I can hear Ayumi Hamasaki in the Soomighty vs Takayuki vid.:lol:

new batch 2

Me vs Takayuki, when he played mss, i think he was sandbaggin…:frowning: All the other games he whupped me with msp, i beat him some games, but daaaaamn, he’s hard to beat IMO:D


haha im 3-0 with takayuki … counter picking each game :lol:

I got soo vs justin, im just waiting before posting it up for permissions to post.

also, im still thinking if im going to charge $5 for it or not.

bump, batch 3

Any casual is allowed, just not tournament footage from Saturday or Sunday.

Do you have the Carnevil vs Wong 3vs3 CapCom matches? Or clockworks uber comeback against someone?

I read about those on the Evo’s live updates page.