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Someone stole the the search button, so no idea if there is an older thread…that said I’m very excited to have Ridley Scott back making Alien movies. Out next summer

Here are some pics released earlier this week

Hollywood really sucky at photoshop…


Ive been waiting for this movie for awhile. I asked Lance Henrikksen if he was in it a few months ago, but he was giving nothing away.

The idea behind the movie is great, and I can’t wait to see this

Great! I’ve always wanted to see how the mysterious Space Jockeys looked like in the flesh.

Prequels turn me off, especially when it comes to such a classic movie like “Alien”. Really hope this isn’t Scott’s “Phantom Menace”.

Ridley doesn’t really make bad movies, so I’m ok with this. And the story sounds pretty good.

I kinda hope he can fit in Predators, so I can finally have an Alien/Predator movie that isn’t shit

Unlike Phantom Menace, having a prequel for the Aliens franchise actually makes sense, especially since there are so much backstory behind their origins that could be explored (i.e., Space Jockeys, Predator homeworld, etc.). Star Wars prequels felt much less obligatory.

as long as its better then alien 3 and 4

I didnt mind 4 so much, but thats probably because I wanna have sex with Winona Ryder, and Hellboy was in it

To say that there wasn’t as much potential with the original Star Wars trilogy as there is with the Alien franchise doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Leave the Predators out of it please. Videogame and comic crossovers, fine, theatrical releases, please just stop. I like Predator. I like Predators. But Predator is B-Level shit compared to Aliens, especially in Scott/Cameron territory.

For all the references the Metroid franchise has made to the Alien franchise, it’s funny that Charlize Theron looks a little like Samus.

An official teaser was leaked a couple weeks ago, but it was taken down and I can’t find a copy of it.

Ha. You make it sound like Scott’s treated any of his movies like Lucas has treated Star Wars. I’ll keep an open mind, even though there’s potential for criticism already (looks like the familiar ‘used future’ aesthetic is out, it’s going to be PG-13, etc)

Not really.

whoa, have you seen Alien 3 Director’s cut, I enjoyed that more than Aliens, no lie :sweat:

\hahahahahaha damn.


The black guy dies.

I’m getting The Dig vibes from that second picture.

A PG13 rating shouldn’t scare anyone, if you know Scott, you’ll have the unrated directors cut/shitload of special features DVD edition.

And Alien 3 “Directors’ Cut” is worth watching, even if David Fincher still wants nothing to do with it. Just wish they had cut that goddamn egg on the wall of the Sulaco in the opening though. Kill Hicks and Newt, fine. Random ass egg suddenly inside the ship? GTFO :rofl: But a much better movie with 40 minutes added back in.
If you can find the quadrilogy edition of 3, it’ll have the “Tales from the Wooden Planet” documentary, which goes pretty in depth into Vincent(What Dreams May Come) Ward’s version of 3. Strange but interesting.

I hated alien 3. Dont know why, maybe it just plain sucked ass compared to aliens. Also I hated the whole story, its like we already know what is going to happen. Theres no plot twist only towards the end though, and nothing really exciting happens in the movie. At least in Aliens you had no idea what was going to happen, and who was going to live, and compared to the last sence of the movie with the alien queen fight and alien 3’s ending, aliens wins hands down

Goddamit, Scott! After this, you better do a “Return To Legend”!!..or get with Peter Beagle for a live action Last Unicorn, or just do a flick based on Steven Boyette’s “Ariel”. I ain’t picky.

I really hope it has nothing to do with the original Alien movies, we’ve had too many of them already.

I still don’t see a reason for this movie. Alien doesn’t need a prequel. Aliens didn’t need a Sequel. Just bleedin the last bit of blood out of this corpse.

I like Charlize Theron and Idris Alba and it IS Ridley Scott so I’ll probably watch it anyway.

Charlize does look like Samus tho heh. Good point Taito.